Blue Cruises Turkey First Choice Gulet Cruise

When it comes to First Choice there are an array of different definitions that fit but here at Farout our definition is that the quality and the availability of either our blue cruises or chartering your own gullet will be the defining terms.

 But what does that really mean for you? everyone has an idea of what they want to get out of their time onboard for some their first choice is the location, being in the right place for them ticking a place off of the map or visiting a certain area or region because it is somewhere they always wanted to go or have heard from someone who has already been that it was the perfect holiday destination or maybe that the place they have chosen as their first choice holds an interest because of the history and architecture. 

For someone else their first choice when booking a holiday is getting away from daily life, the stress of work and just want to spend their time being thoroughly pampered relaxing wiling away the hours under the hot Turkish summer sun, sleeping in late with no time restraints, topping up the tan, swimming snorkelling, chilling on deck with a cool glass in hand watching the sun go down and the stars come out and generally recharging the batteries.

Another person perspective may be a pure adrenaline rush, fitting in as much as you can, being on the go from the time you wake up in the morning to the moment your head hits the pillow, whether it's walking, hiking, quad bike riding, horse riding, diving, paragliding or even getting the chance to fly above breathtaking landscapes in a hot air balloon, some people just need to be on the go and constantly active.

With our Gulet trips in Turkey, all of the above is possible, with plenty of time under the sun on deck to relax, every day sailing to a different location again make for a varied choice of activities you may find yourself anchored in a small secluded bay, where ancient cities lie just beneath the surface of the water where diving and snorkelling off you the chance to see things from a different angle or you may be moored just offshore where the mountains rise up out of the ocean and you can hop on to the land and journey to the top to paraglide your way back down, taking in some of the most spectacular views. 

A Mediterranean cruise with Farout will be the best choice and your first choice for a Turkey yacht charter. The fantastic thing about our Farout first choice gulet cruises is that we also offer a combination of cruises and land tours making the rest of Turkey accessible to you no matter where you want to go making it not only your first choice but also the best choice. 

Another reason we believe our cruises are the very first choice for so many is that all our gullet yachts come with their own chef with many years of experience, every day you will try the delights and delicious flavours that whenever possible are bought locally and fresh, Turkey is a country where the recipes and traditions are handed down even today and with different dishes local to every region of the country each chef is proud to share his talent and provide you with great food for your time with us, and of course, on a cruise, you can try your hand at fishing anytime and our chefs will cook it for you, you really can not get any fresher than that.