Blue cruising the Lycian Coast – high in value, low in cost!

One of the best ways to explore Turkey is to embark on journeys of the Lycian coast. Blue cruising the Lycian Coast is an ideal way to explore the majestic waters and breathtaking natural beauties of Turkey. These cruises are done in old-world sailing boats that are popularly known as gulets. An ideal blue cruise could last anywhere between 3 – 7 days, depending on your respective itineraries.

Four days of Blue Cruising the Lycian Coast
The four-day itinerary that moves westwards and disembarks in Fethiye is considered to be one of the most perfect cruising options available for tourists. The first night is spent at the Fethiye Harbour itself. This night is considered to be as important to your cruising experience as the day, enjoying the best sunsets, watching light dance off the water and getting to know your fellow passengers.

The gulet itself is known to offer nothing amenities from home and is extremely comfortable. What makes these gulets so special is their wide selection of meals including meats, vegetables and enticing food. Even though the cabins are also known to be very spacious and extremely comfortable, the best places to sleep are in one of the terry cloth covered mattresses located on deck under the stars. The experience of sleeping under the stars is truly amazing.

The Lycian coast Blue cruise itinerary is quite simple. It revolves around sailing to numerous islands, searching for beautiful bays to anchor in and swim and have lunch with the locals. The same process is repeated for dinner and for the next day as well. Along the journey, you will see the remains of Lycians with many tombs, ruins and even large castles along this route. The remainder of the cruise is spent following a similar pattern – searching for scintillating bays, swimming, eating, searching for another bay, and swimming, eating and sleeping. Most Blue Cruising the Lycian Coast tours might not particularly enthral the adventure maniacs, but there are definitely some of the best options available for nature lovers and peace seekers.

Blue Cruising the Lycian Coast is an experience to remember for your whole life. To join a Lycian Coast blue cruise, talk to our staff at Farout to choose the right itinerary. They may even send you on a walk before your cruise to catch the first part of the Lycian Track that is further inland and unreachable by boat.

The second thing to note is that these tours are not offered every day. Find out the departure dates to make sure your flights and other travel details fit into the departures. And most importantly, many of the stops of while blue cruising the Lycian Coast are known to be rich in their history, folklore and archaeological wonders. Make sure that you spend some time getting to know the culture and history of these stops before you arrive. There is so much to learn that fitting all that knowledge into one trip is almost impossible.

All in all, Blue cruising the Lycian coast is a journey for all nature lovers, people that love being out on the water and anyone that just loves a holiday. Join us on the water this summer!