Kas Blue Cruises Turkey

Kas is a beautiful small fishing village that lies between Fethiye and Antalya and attracts thousands each summer due to its unspoiled village feel, its stunning, accessible beaches, and the great shopping that is on offer. Kas is also a popular stop-off point and embarking point for the popular Gulet cruise Turkey, between Fethiye and Olympos. Kas has some authentic charm about it. The cobblestone streets are lined with old ottoman homes covered in bougainvillea, and the main square is the meeting point for the evening to come; sit have a drink at one of the many bars lining the square or join the others sitting along the harbor. Kas could quickly become one of your favorite spots while on your blue voyage cruise. Yacht hire is simple either contact our office or book online.

Kas is a charming small fishing village. Said to be one of many people’s favorite stopovers, it is an excellent place for a quiet getaway, but you will find out there is more to do than you think. Beyond the cobblestone streets and the beautifully lined bougainvillea laneways, you will find some things on the must-see list while your blue cruise in Kas. Kas is one of our main stops for Gulet cruises or Yacht charters. Our yachts stop in Kas for a few hours or overnight, depending on the cruise itinerary.

Don’t miss it!
1) Daily boat tour. Kas Harbour is small enough for you to see all the boat tours available each day. Take your pic, get out of the streets for the day, and spend the day on the beautiful waters surrounding Kas. You have a few options to cruise along and enjoy the beautiful bays for swimming, but you can also find daily boat trips that will take you to Kekova and then to City. You will also see all the passing blue cruise boats passing throughout the harbor. We have a few gulets in Kas available for Private charters as well.

2) Diving. Said to the best place in Turkey to go diving, you can spend a day or more diving in some of the best spots in the area. There are all levels of diving on offer and even courses you can undertake to become a fully qualified diver while staying in Kas.

3) Kaputas Beach. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Turkey and is quite a busy place on a hot summer's day, but worth the trip. You can get a local bus out of Kas to visit the beautiful site and bake your photos from the top of the stairs before you descend for the day.

4) Limanagzi Bay. There are a few pebbled beaches scattered throughout Ka,s or you can dive into the ocean from the many concrete platforms. However, if you want a nice day away from Kas's main hustle and bustle, then head to Limanagzi Bay. You can either get a little shuttle boat over or walk there if you like the challenge. Relax onshore while admiring the beautiful swimming spot as well as the gulets that

Fethiye gulet cruise.
5) Gulet cruise Kas. We offer two-night 3, day Gulet cruises available departing a few times the week from Kasharborr. The most popular gullet cruising routes are Kas to Fethiye gulet cruiser and Kas to Demre Olympos gulet cruise.

Best places to eat!
Kas has some great places to eat, and the nighttime atmosphere in Kas is lively and fun. It’s worth taking a stroll after sunset to find the perfect place to eat. We think these are the pick of the bunch.

1) Retro Bistro. Astro Bistro is a newer addition to the many restaurants in Kas,
n the central hub of the shopping part of Kas. Serving up yournot-so-traditionall Turkish far,e the food here is always filling, and excellent little interruption to Turkish food if you feel like you need something else to tantalize those taste buds.

2) Turkuaz Restaurant Meyhane. This is a great little place in Kas's heart that serves various Turkish dishes. You will indeed find something on the menu for everyone. The meze plate is always popular, and their Turkish casseroles are delicious and plentiful.

3) Natur-el. This is a fantastic little restaurant with delicious old Ottoman-style food and some modern-day classics. There is a menu for food served for breakfast, lunch,h or dinner. The staff will welcome you in like a long-lost family member.

Best places to drink!
Kas has a great nightlife that tends to spill into the main square and harbor. So even though you may be drinking in one of the bars around the court, you are welcome to plop yourself down along the harbor edge, make a new friend and enjoy the atmosphere. The pick of bars we think is worth checking out are.

1) Mavi Bar. Right in the heart of where it all happens at nighttime. Mavi Bar is suitable in the harbor at the main square, and you can easily recognize it with its small colorful chairs. Get there early enough to grab one or order drinks from the harbor's edge.

2) Queen Bar. For a place to kick onto and enjoy a dance into the evening, get along to Queen Bar. You will be welcomed by super friendly staff and enjoy the music enough for a dance or enjoy the views from their balcony.

3) Red Point. If you are looking for an all-night place to party in Ka, head to Red Point. Here you will find the all-nighters dancing as the sunrises over the harbor.

Gulet Cruises starting from Kas
Kas is a midway point for the famous Blue Cruises that run along the coastline of Turkey. These top-rated gulet cruises pass through Kas on their second day. So if you are running short of time but do not want to miss out on the fantastic sail Turkey Blue Cruise Kas experience, look into the shorter cruises departing from Kas. You can join the Fethiye Blue cruise or the Olympos cruise. A chartered yacht vacation is also an option if you have a group of people. You can sail with your friends and loved ones on your Gulet holiday Kas vacation.