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The Best Gulets in Fethiye 22 August 2019

Fethiye is a traditional town that boasts an excellent harbour. It is considered to be an international centre for cruises and yachting. Whether you are travelling with your friends, companion or family, sailing or a cruising trip on the Mediterranean, travelling on a gulet in Fethiye can offer you an experience like no other.Gulets are essentially sailing vessels that are smaller than two beamed yachts. They are normally made by hand using mahogany, oak, teak wood and pine. These gulets are known to be extremely strong and trendy and are primarily built for cruising purposes. The classic ones offer a wide deck, sun lounges, luxurious and comfortable cabins equipped with modern-day equipment. Modern-day gulets are also kn Read more

Top things to do in Fethiye 22 August 2019

Vibrant Fethiye is a well-known jump-off point for the infamous Mediterranean blue cruises in Turkey. From here you can begin to sail around Turkey in luxury exploring all the natural aquatic wonders this beautiful country has to offer. A trip to Olympos, Rhodes, and the 12 Islands are only a few of the magical places that are just a short sail away.Nevertheless, there are many more attractions that bring people to this charming town throughout the year. From historical sites scattered in the town centrum and surrounds, to the world-famous beaches – you will not be sorry you have booked to stay more than one night. Here are our top things to do in Fethiye:Kaya Koy & Afkule MonasteryFethiye has a rich history ingrained into every aspect of the t Read more

Marmaris Private Charters 22 August 2019

Marmaris…It is yet another popular tourist hotspot amongst the many that dot the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Located in the Mugla province, this scenic spot on the Turkish Riviera is ensconced between two sets of mountains. Previously a fishing town, it is now known for its unique geography and its nightlife, renowned for the sailing and diving activities in its two major marinas.Though a sleepy old town, it is easily accessible via the multitude of blue cruises taking visitors to and from Marmaris. Turkey is famed for these cruises, where people from around the globe come with great gusto to enjoy the various beaches and port towns located along the Mediterranean.Farout offers a variety of attractive packages during the tourism season of May to mid-October, from stand Read more

Blue cruising the Lycian Coast – high in value, low in cost! 22 August 2019

One of the best ways to explore Turkey is to embark on journeys of the Lycian coast. Blue cruising the Lycian Coast is an ideal way to explore the majestic waters and breathtaking natural beauties of Turkey. These cruises are done in old-world sailing boats that are popularly known as gulets. An ideal blue cruise could last anywhere between 3 – 7 days, depending on your respective itineraries.Four days of Blue Cruising the Lycian CoastThe four-day itinerary that moves westwards and disembarks in Fethiye is considered to be one of the most perfect cruising options available for tourists. The first night is spent at the Fethiye Harbour itself. This night is considered to be as important to your cruising experience as the day, enjoying the best sunsets, w Read more

The joys of a private yacht charter in Turkey 22 August 2019

Private yacht charters Turkey is one of the best ways to spice up your vacation in this country. If you are travelling to or you are in Turkey. there really is nothing better than floating on jade blue waters for a week sipping on your favourite cocktail and watching the sunset in the horizon. This is just the beginning…. luxury awaits on a private yacht charter in Turkey.Total controlBy chartering a private yacht in Turkey, you get total control of your holiday. From the port you depart from, the yacht you travel on and the itinerary you take. Moments on a private yacht charter in Turkey are never dull, it’s very much like a choose your own adventure.Whether you want to swim, partake in watersports or simply relax on the sundeck of your Read more

What is a gulet? 22 August 2019

So you’re planning a trip to Turkey and have read reviews online, heard through friends or met fellow travellers who have recommended a gulet cruise while visiting Turkey. But what is a gulet? Here is a helpful guide to teach you about Turkish gulets and why it’s the best tour on the water!A Turkish gulet, pronounced goo-let is a traditional design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessel. Similar boats can be found in the Mediterranean, as well as the Aegean and Croatian sailing waters. Made on the south-western coast of Turkey, particularly in the coastal towns of Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris it is an extremely unique way to spend your holiday.Gulets vary in length, height, depth and breadth and it is believed that no two gulets are identical. They ran Read more

Gulet Cruises in Turkey – which port should I depart from? 22 August 2019

It’s a great experience to explore mother nature on a natural vehicle, especially the beautiful coastal area of Turkey on a wooden gulet.  While embarking on Gulet cruises in Turkey, you come across different ports, historical ruins, stunning landscapes, fishing villages, sandy beaches and lots more! This is a regular travel place for tourists and the four main cruise ports are Bodrum, Fethiye, Gocek and Marmaris. But how to decide on which port to depart from? We’ve provided a bit more information on each destination to help you decide!The first journey to mention is a gulet cruise beginning in Bodrum; one of the most popular tourist spots. Previously it was named Halicarnassus of Caria, a very old and well Read more

Kekova Gulet Cruise & the Sunken City 22 August 2019

Kekova – a small uninhabited island in Turkey. It’s a beautiful vacation spot, in the Antalya province, facing sunken ruins of an ancient town dated back to the 2nd century. It offers enticing views of serene blue waters, mystifying ancient ruins, with an opportunity to dive in the calm waters where permitted.To get to Kekova, people mostly prefer the well-known gulet cruises that sail along the various islands, harbours, and bays of the Mediterranean. For those who don’t know, a gulet is a traditional wooden sailing vessel, popular for tourist and private yacht charters. Turkey is famous for these cruises where people can go for gulet cruises along the Turkish Riviera, with Kekova being a favourite spot among the tourists. It is a custom to spend the vacation t Read more

Fethiye to Olympos Blue Cruise – Top Adventures in Turkey 22 August 2019

One of the most popular trips in Turkey is the infamous Fethiye & Olympos Blue Cruises. Popular with both tourists and the country’s locals, it has grown from a hidden secret to a booming tourist destination.Most travellers prefer to start their cruise journey from Fethiye and travel to Olympos, a wonderful and beautiful village in Turkey. If time is not on your side, you may take other shorter options and still view many of the wonderful highlights. However, a 4-day cruise to Olympos offers more value. This is the case with most of the longer-journey cruises. The Mediterranean is regarded as the cradle of early civilization. Most of these have epic names, which reverberate through eras that include Romans, classical Greeks, Ottoman Turks and many more. Below is a brief in Read more