Gocek Restaurants


Seafood is a favourite in Gocek. Sea bream, sea bass, red mullet, calamari and prawns are on the menu of most of the restaurants lined along the promenade, many in the shade of the trees; very welcome in the middle of summer.

West Cafe & Bistro
This modern restaurant with outdoor seats close to the harbour offers a wide variety of food as well as daily snacks with great coffee. Sit and enjoy a drink anytime.

Blue Restaurant and Lounge Bar
This place is recommended for its seafood options but also offers many typically Mediterranean, Turkish and vegetarian alternatives. You can select your fish which is kept in ice behind glass.

Mercan Pizza
Pizza, pasta and local cuisine is available in this restaurant set back from the sea front in the shopping area.

Kebab Hospital Antep Sofrasi
If locals use a restaurant that is surely a recommendation, especially if you are looking for Turkish food. There is also Middle Eastern alternatives and with a great atmosphere and cheap prices it is worth visiting at least once.