Gocek Top attractions


There is plenty of history and culture in the region and day tours are available during the summer season for those wanting to see more of Turkey with a specific destination in mind. The region was an important part of the Carian and Lycian Empires and there are memories of their presence to east and west.

Caunos was a port initially part of the Carian Empire and subsequently the Lycian one. Its ruins are impressive and a short walk from the modern town of Dalyan; a short trip over the river and past the Rock Tombs in the cliffs above. Silt has helped to create a delta since those days and the port is now some distance to the sea where the stunning Iztuzu Beach offers a great location for sunbathers and swimmers. Caunos is about half an hour by road from Gocek.

Telmessos was the largest city within Lycia and is location of modern day Fethiye, half an hour in the opposite direct, east from Gocek. There are remnants of the Lycians to see in the centre of town, notably an amphitheatre, rock tombs and sarcophagi.

Kayakoy is an abandoned Greek village. The Greeks moved out at the formation of the Turkish Republic in 1923 and the village has been deserted ever since although there are restaurants and shops nearby to cater for visitors. The original population was thought to be around 2,000. There are plans for some renovation though currently the houses and buildings in general are mere shells.