Gocek Weather


Weather in Gocek in January and February
Gocek is fairly quiet in the winter with many of the boats in for refurbishment. Locals can still enjoy many hours of sunshine, on average 7 a day as well as temperature highs towards 20C though the average is likely to be 12/13C.

Sea temperatures are likely to be 17C and there will be rain, an average of 10 days a month.

Weather in Gocek in March, April and May
Average temperatures are rising from 13C in March to 20 by May. Rain becomes more infrequent in these 3 months and should not exceed 6 in any one of them. Sea temperatures also will rise a degree or two. The top temperature in March should be 17C rising above the mid-20s in May. 

Weather in Gocek in June, July and August
The chances of rain in this period are remote but welcome if it falls. The skies during the summer in Gocek will be cloudless throughout with average temperatures towards 30C. Highs will always be 30C minimum and at times up to 40C. The sea will be a very pleasant 24/5 so swim and lie on a beach at your leisure. When night falls temperatures are still excellent for enjoying the nightlife in casual shorts and T shirt.

Weather in Gocek in September and October
Temperatures fall in September and during the weeks in this period will be around 25C with the average remaining above 20C. Rainfall is still rare though they increase in October. There will still be an average of 9 hours of sunshine daily. The sea temperature will remain around 20C. 

Weather in Gocek in November and December
Winter approaches early in November with highs of 19C and 8 hours of sunshine on average. December probably has the most rainfall but it is only just double figures in terms of days. The sea temperature drops to 18C. Highs in December will be 16 and lows 9.