Marmaris Best sunsets


The sun sets over the sea. Tourists that have a view of the sea from their hotel rooms can actually enjoy it as they get ready for the night ahead but there are some great places outside to enjoy the sun going down

Marmaris seafront
There are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants only too happy to invite tourists in for refreshment while the sun sets ahead of them. Temperatures remain good even after it gets dark so dress is still casual, T shirt and shorts.

The walk from Marmaris to Icmeler or reverse is very enjoyable, especially as the sun is going down and temperatures have fallen a little.

On the sea
Moonlight Cruises are the most popular activities of Marmaris and many set out in time for passengers to see the sunset during their voyage.

Private gulets and yachts
These boats give their passengers real independence. Once day trippers begin to return to port there are many locations where the captain can just drop anchor and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. It may be dinner on board eating fish caught earlier in the day. Either way, the sunsets will be spectacular. There are also verious week long Marmaris blue voyage options.