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Weather in Rhodes in January and February
Winter in Rhodes is still quite pleasant. Tourists have largely departed and although there may occasionally be cold winds if they are coming from the north there is still likely to be an average of 7 hours of sunshine daily. Top temperatures might occasionally reach 20C but 15/16C is more likely with lows in single figures. Rain can fall on up to a dozen days in either month while the sea temperature should be around 17C. 

Weather in Rhodes in March, April and May
Average temperatures rise as visitors start to arrive. Through these 3 months the average is likely to double to the mid-20S with highs approaching 30C. Rain becomes more infrequent, virtually disappearing by the end of May. The sea is warming up as well, reaching 20C by early May. Gulet cruise Bodrum routes also start in May.

Weather in Rhodes in June, July and August
The chances of rain during these months is virtually nil. These weeks of summer are hot with temperatures still impressive after the Rhodes sun sets.  There is likely to be no clouds in the sky most of the time with temperatures sometimes approaching 40C and average daytime of 30 or more. The sea is at its warmest, mid-20s, a great time for swimming and water sports. It is the season when most people are out until the early hours in bars, clubs and restaurants.

Weather in Rhodes in September and October
Some prefer the slightly cooler weather of September and October when it is more comfortable to go exploring. Even in October however highs will be about 25 with the average above 20. Rainfall is still rare though increasing in October. There should 9 hours of sunshine daily on average. The sea temperature is still above 20C.

Weather in Rhodes in November and December
Winter comes with November but not as Northern and Western Europeans know it; highs of 19 and 8 hours of sun. December probably has the most rainfall but it is only likely to just reach double figures. The sea temperature drops down to around 18C. Highs in December should still be 16 with lows of 9C. 

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