Discover the Hidden Bays and Beaches of Fethiye

Fethiye is undoubtedly famous for its bays and beaches, and visitors always think that the best way to enjoy this destination is to head to popular spots like Calis and Oludeniz. But there are other bays and beaches of Fethiye that have often been overlooked because they are not as advertised as the ones mentioned.
These local bays and beaches of Fethiye have beauty and charm of their own and they too deserve equal recognition.

Aksazlar Bay
If you want to bask in the sun while watching the mesmerising Fethiye scenery, you should try visiting Aksazlar Bay. This is the ideal location for people who do not like to mingle with the beach crowd, as it is never crowded with tourists. Here, you have the choice to lie on the sunbeds that are positioned on the beach. You can also choose to sit under the trees if you are more nature-inclined. The pine forest offers the unique opportunity of peaceful tranquillity as you sit in the shade while you watch the yachts in the distance.

If you are planning on spending your day swimming, this bay may not be the best choice. Aksazlar Kosu does not belong to those bays and beaches of Fethiye that offers crystal blue waters. Even though the water is shallow and calm, it’s a bit murky because the bay is in close proximity to the Fethiye harbour. Some people do take a swim here though, but you must see and decide for yourself first.

This less than perfect swimming condition is actually the main reason why not so many tourists come to this bay, which gives some people the chance to just sit back and relax. To make this bay more appealing to tourists, it has taken on a more restaurant-feel.

Kukeli Koyu
Another often ignored beach in Fethiye is the Kukeli Koyu. This bay is set in the pine forests clearing that covers the hillsides in the length of the coastline. The best thing about this bay is that it has managed to remain rustic and simple despite the fact that other bays and beaches of Fethiye had gone more commercial.
There is one wooden café that serves tourists with drinks and snacks on plastic tables and chairs. There are also shaded kosks and umbrellas and sunbeds for rent for guests who wish to lounge all day long. Entertainment comes with guinea fowls, cockerels and chickens running around freely on the beach.

There are many other beautiful bays and beaches of Fethiye that you can visit, explore and enjoy, but the two mentioned above offer different holiday options for people with different vacation needs. Others that may be of interest include Boncuklu Bay, Gemiller Beach and Samanlik.