Enjoy an 8 day Fethiye to Kekova Blue Cruise

Are you planning to have a vacation in Turkey? Do you want it to be a truly memorable one? If your answer is yes to both questions then you should book for an eight-day Fethiye to Kekova blue cruise.
During the entire Fethiye to Kekova blue cruise, you can expect to visit different islands and bays aside from Fethiye and Kekova, like Kas, Kalkan, Simena, the Gocek bays and Yesilkoy Bay. Now it is important to note that the itinerary for a private charter from Fethiye to Kekova is slightly different to the cabin cruise from Fethiye to Kekova. Today we are going to speak about the private charter.

Day One
Day one of your Fethiye to Kekova blue cruise is the assembly at the Fethiye Marina around mid-afternoon. Usually, drink orders are taken while a briefing is being given for the guests to get straight into that holiday mode. Dinner is served on board and guests can wander through the streets of Fethiye into the night. In the evening there is no set itinerary – so it is up to you what you decide to explore or where to relax. Cabins are assigned on first boarding the yacht.

Day Two
Day two is really the start of the cruise and the departure for Butterfly Valley and Oludeniz after breakfast. Explore Butterfly Valley and its relaxed “hippy” vibe before jetting back over to Oludeniz for a swim in the blue lagoon. The yacht will set sail along the Fethiye Peninsula coast heading to a secluded bay for lunch. The rest of the day and the night will be spent in Gemiler Island where guests will have the chance at exploring the ruins of the Byzantine community, and watching as the sunsets.

Day Three
The following day takes off early as breakfast will be served at Yesikoy. After dining, guests will be encouraged to take a dip at the quiet bay beautifully bordered by olive groves. Next stop is Kas and a small bay outside of Kas where the night will be spent. Travellers can shop and get to know the friendly locals in Kas.

Day Four
Kekova is the target place for the fourth day and a short cruise to the Sunken City will happen before lunch at Tersane Bay. While dining you and the rest of your company will have the Byzantine ruins and a Roman dockyard as great views. The night will be spent at Gokkaya.

Day Five
Still, in Kekova, day five begins with the castle (Kale) climbing and watching the Lycian tomb as it proudly sits on its platform in the water. Overnight stay will be at Ucagiz.

Day Six
Before heading back to Fethiye, the Fethiye to Kekova blue cruise will take a short cruise going to the Bayindir Limani bay to give guests more time for swimming. Kalkan is also going to be visited during the day, as is it optional to also see Demre and Myra while in the Kekova region.

Day Seven
Day seven will start early as the cruise will head off to Camli Burun, a bay naturally edged with hills that are majestically clad with pine trees. The last night of the cruise will be spent in the Batikkaya bay.

Day Eight
Finally, your Fethiye to Kekova blue cruise will take you back to Fethiye harbour after breakfast.
To inquire about a private charter or get information on the difference of the private charter to the cabin cruise to contact the team at Farout today!