Enjoy your Holiday with a Fethiye to Marmaris Blue Cruise

If you want to experience and enjoy the beauty of the Turkish and Mediterranean coasts without having to pay sky-high prices, you may want to try booking a Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise. This is a holiday option that will give you the chance to really experience a real Turkish adventure.

Booking for a Blue Cruise is a must-do for people who are going to visit Turkey. Particularly if you want to see and experience the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. In most cases, a Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise is the highlight for many tourists who have visited Turkey.

Highlights of Fethiye to Marmaris Blue Cruise
The following are the highlights you can expect from your Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise holiday: Fethiye is the starting point of the cruise and here, you get to enjoy the sights of one of the most popular Turkish cities.
Gocek Bays is more correctly known as the Gulf of Fethiye and it covers about 60 to 70 square miles. It has numerous captivating anchorages, where visitors can cast anchor for swimming, for taking meals, or for spending the night.
Bedri Rahmi Bay is considered as one of the Fethiye Gulf’s most important bays and is also known by locals as Taskaya or Bedri Rahmi Bay. It is located directly opposite Tersane Island and it is named after Bedri Rahmi Eyupoglu, a Turkish writer. One of the main attractions of this bay is the fountain that says to have water with healing powers.

Aga Limani Bay is another popular destination on the Fethiye to Marmaris Blue Cruise because of its beautiful little curved cove, rocky slopes and beautiful pine trees that come down meeting the shoreline.

Peninsula. It is popular as a Fethiye to Marmaris Blue Cruise destination because of it pine forest and it is also ideally located across from Marmaris Bay.

Kumlubuk Bay is a secluded holiday destination and is an ideal spot for people who like to hike and explore ancient sites and ruins.

There are of course many other highlights or destinations that you should expect to see and experience. The important thing here is to make sure that you are going to get your money’s worth. To be able to assure this, you should do your homework before booking anything.

Farout offers Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruises regularly throughout May to October. Prices begin at 255 euro per person however unlike the Fethiye & Olympos cruises there are no shared cabins. Travellers must book a minimum of one cabin for two people or pay a single supplement to have the cabin to themselves. For available departure dates email info@faroutcruises.com