From Fethiye to Olympos: a dream gulet cruise holiday

Gulet, which origin still remains controversial, is a traditional wooden Turkish vessel, with two or three masts usually. Today hand-crafted gulet cruises are very popular for tourist charters. They have been modernised and re-designed many times during their long history to offer a relaxing cruising along the blue Aegean waters. It is why nowadays gulets are very comfortable and well technically equipped, making gulet cruises easy, comfortable and a more attractive way of exploring Turkey’s beautiful coast.

The Fethiye to Olympos gulet cruise is a truly immersing cruise which gives you an opportunity to explore and discover some of the most beautiful Turkish towns in between Fethiye and Olympos, and a number of fishing villages, islands, and beautiful honey-coloured beaches on the way.

The Beauty of Fethiye
Fethiye, a very old town, lies in the Aegean region of Turkey and is one of Turkey’s treasures, which contains numerous sightseeing and attractions. The main highlights of this town include Saklikent Gorge, ancient ruins of Tlos, Oludeniz, which is widely considered as one of Europe’s most stunning beaches and one of the best destinations in the world for paragliding, and Butterfly Valley widely regarded as one of the most picturesque places in Turkey. Our relaxing gulet cruise starts the holiday of a lifetime from this beautiful Turkish town.

The Ancient Olympos
Named after the Roman city that now lies in ruins on its spectacular beach, Olympos is home to ancient Lycian ruins, an isolated Mediterranean beach, and the treehouse-style bungalows. The scenery of its beach is just stunning, but it has no shades, so be sure you take with you your big hat and sunscreen. The area of a now ruined ancient city is very large; giving an opportunity to experience the sense of mystery and wonder that the first explorers who “discovered” the ruined city. Some of the places boast spectacular views at every turn.

For backpackers who want to relax in the greatness of beautiful nature and rich history, and enjoy excellent traditional and fresh cuisine, mixed of European and Asian flavours, there is no better way than aboard a traditional Turkish gulet.

The popularity of gulet cruises from Fethiye to Olympos lies in the perfect Mediterranean climate, beautiful nature, eye-catching views from a deck of the gulet, and in the undeniable beauty of its enormous coastline. What else makes gulet cruises so popular is a unique possibility to experience some of the water sports and paragliding, which makes Turkey one of the most beloved sailor’s paradises.

Discovering the beauty of Fethiye, the mystery of Olympos and the secrets of other hidden treasures of Turkey in a traditionally Turkish hand-crafted gulet cruise can make your holiday one of the best experiences ever.

Book your gulet cruise and discover the diverse culture, an unspoiled coast and sand beaches, the rich culture and long history of Turkey. Cruising is a simple and unique way to explore the coast of Turkey and its beauty.