From Turkey to Greece – Kusadasi to Samos Ferry

There are Ferry lines that offer boat trips between Kusadasi (Turkey) and Samos (Greece) and they operate daily. If you are planning an extended European vacation, a day on the beautiful island of Samos is highly recommended.  And the easiest way to get there is by taking a Kusadasi to Samos ferry. But, before doing so, you should make sure that you have your passport in your possession. Keep in mind that you will not be just crossing between islands, but you will also be crossing from one country to another.

Day Trip Kusadasi to Samos Ferry
For a day trip from Kusadasi to Samos, you should be on the 8:30 am ferry so that you get to enjoy a full day’s island-hopping adventure. Of course, you may also choose to stay a day or two in Samos.
In case you are going for the Kusadasi to Samos ferry tour during summer, it is advisable to try to stay in the ferry’s covered area. The reason for this is because the ferry’s open area can be quite sunny and windy.

The Kusadasi to Samos ferry day trip usually takes about an hour and a half. A six-hour stay is enough for you and your company to enjoy this popular Greek island. It is possible to see the whole island in just two hours, so the rest of your time can be spent on other activities like visiting the souvenir shops, waterfront restaurants and cafes, and strolling in the little square where you and your friends can sit and relax with drinks on hand.

One important thing to keep in mind before you take the Kusadasi to Samos ferry is that the Greeks take a siesta from three in the afternoon until six. This means that the shops are going to be closed at these times, so you should get all your shopping done early. But, you do not have to worry about getting nourished because the restaurants and the cafes are open during siesta.
And speaking of nourishment, Greek food is very delicious so do not pass the opportunity of taking a meal at one of the restaurants in Samos. One recommended dish is the tzatziki – a creamy mixture of garlic, cucumber and yoghurt. This dish is also available in Turkey, but many attest to the fact that the Greek version is more delectable.

To get the most of your Kusadasi to Samos ferry tour, you can also visit these attractions: Tunnel of Eupalinos, Panagia Spiliani Monastery, Archeological Museum, Temple of Hera, and the Waterfalls of Potami.