Blue Cruises Turkey 4 Day 3 Night Gulet Cruise

When you think about a cruise, one of the first things that come to mind is most probably relaxing on deck feeling the warmth of the hot Mediterranean sun with a long cool drink in hand, the next thought you are probably thinking is you don't have the time or that the price is way out of your league, but here at Farout, we have some great news for you. Long gone are the days when sailing was reserved for only the rich and famous.

There are now so many choices available, that nothing should stop you from experiencing a fantastic blue cruises holiday, and with today's modern and busy lifestyles that we all lead, we not only recognize that shorter cruises are time manageable and might be the answer that many people are looking for, but that as it comes within your budget, a Mediterranean Gulet holiday is open to all.

Our 4 day 3 night Gulet cruise will sail you away from all the stress of work and take you to some of the most secluded beaches and bays where the clear water gives you the chance to snorkel and take in some of the abundant marine life that inhabits these warmer waters, departing from the large harbor town of Fethiye on the southern coast, your time onboard will see you cruising to such places as Butterfly Valley, a lush green gorge accessible by boat where there are hundreds of butterflies species to be seen at various times of the year, on to the renowned beach at Oludeniz watched over by the great Babadag Mountain where people come from all over the world to catch the warm air rising as they paraglide. your days will continue to beautiful islands with hidden gems of history ancient castles and historical cities that rest under the sea from Saint Nicholas Island to Kas and Kekova, noted as having some of the clearest waters of the region it's here that you can try diving, an experience you will never forget.

A popular destination on your 4-day cruise is Olympos, it is here that since time began the natural gases of the earth have found their way through the mountainside rocks and everywhere you look the Eternal flames are lit and forever dancing, whilst you are anchored in a small calm bay in the evening with the stars above you and the sunset reflecting off of the water behind you, the sight of the flames amongst the trees that fill Olympos is a sight everyone should see.

Whilst cruising you can stay on board to relax, read, swim, or sunbathe, the choice is yours, but there is also the wonderful opportunity to stop along the way and hop onto dry land and visit some of the many small villages and towns, dotted along this coastline, that have been influenced over thousands of years from the Romans, Greeks, The Lycians, and the great Ottoman Empire, with every step you take and around every corner, a piece of history is right before your eyes.

Back on board, we know that another very important aspect of everyone’s holiday is the food, we have great chefs that take pride in sharing many traditional Turkish dishes from across this region with most of the ingredients coming fresh from the local farmers and each of our gulets have fishing gear available for you to try having a go and catch your own fresh fish whilst sitting together around the table you can tell everyone about the one that got away!

There are different types and sizes of Gulet yacht charters available and each cabin has its own ensuite bathroom, booking is made simple and our team is always available to help with any queries.

Happy Sailing.