Top 7 Books to Read before Taking a Bodrum to Greek Islands Tour

If you want to have a truly enjoyable Bodrum to Greek Islands tour, it would be best to learn more about it through books that are readily available; both as ebooks and paperback.

1. Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide: Turkey’s Aegean Gem
Your Bodrum to Greek Islands tour is going to be a great one if you read this travel guide. It tells of how beautiful the Bodrum Peninsula is and how it is considered as the summer paradise for hundreds of thousands of holiday-makers. This is a definitive book for anyone who wishes to get the best of Turkey and the Greek Islands as it is packed with carefully researched facts about the best sites and scenes, as well as the best places for on and off the well-beaten track.

2. Lonely Planet Turkey (Travel Guide)
Another perfect choice for a guide book for your Bodrum to Greek Islands tour is the Lonely Planet Turkey travel guide. It is considered as one of the most comprehensive guide books for Turkey travel and is ideal for people who plan to explore the most visited places, as well as the less travelled roads.

3. Guide to Turkey for History Travellers (Guides for History Travellers Book 3)
The best thing about this book is that it is an easy read for both adults and children. It is not just littered with good information, but it is also filled with amusing cartoons, maps to the places and recommendations as to where to go and what to do.

4. Turkey: What Everyone Needs to Know
It is already a known fact that Turkey ideally occupies a strategic place in the world: it is the only predominantly Muslim country in NATO and it also sits in Europe and Asia. This book talks more about that and more, which makes it an ideal reading companion for your Bodrum to Greek Islands tour.

5. Eyewitness Travel Guide to Greek Islands
This guide shows you some things that you may find in other travel books. It tells of Greece and its over 2,000 islands. It also comes with over 750 full-coloured photographs and it is an encyclopedic handbook that tells how these remarkable islands are divided into seven provincial chapters, with focus on the major towns and villages.

6. The Rough Guide to the Greek Islands
This book is another great reading material as it offers useful information on many Greek Islands. It also contains brief details on the lists of accommodations, places to eat and reasons why Greece is appealing to many people.

7. Greek Islands Travel Guide
This book offers a comprehensive insider’s guide to the most popular Greek Islands, and it features the best hotels, restaurants, the things one must do and how it is to travel around the islands. It is indeed a good addition to your reading materials for your Bodrum to Greek Islands tour.