When is the best season to go on a yacht holiday?

Due to the warm climate of the Mediterranean region, the season for Mediterranean yacht vacations begins in April and goes all the way through mid-November. Whether you are looking at a luxury, private yacht rental for your vacation or basic accommodations onboard, the prices vary throughout the season.

The cheapest month to rent a charter is of course at the beginning of the sailing season in April and at end of the season, in October and November. Fortunately, the Mediterranean heats up throughout the summertime and stays warm all the way until November.

This is an ideal time to go sailing if you are looking to go on a budget, as prices will be several hundred dollars cheaper in the low season (April-May and Late September-November). Even during the shoulder season (May and September), you will save some money on sailboat trips here in Turkey.

While many holiday-goers opt for package resorts because everything is included, the same can be done for sailing vacations. We can combine the price of a flight, accommodation the night before and after your journey, and the charter yacht itself in order to create a custom package for your needs.

Charters are a unique experience because you not only get your privacy from other vacationers, but you’ll get to know your crew, who will often become part of your extended family. Better yet, if you’ve ever wondered how you can learn to sail, coming on a boat trip here in Turkey for your holiday is your first step. The process to become a skipper takes a great deal of hard work, experience, and training. While we don’t offer formal classes, our crew–your new second family–are always excited to give you a taste of what the working life at sea is like. It is not unheard of to have people who have come to vacation on a yacht, and years later ended up working on one! 

We do recommend contacting the Royal Yachting Association, the governing body for all yachting, sailing, and watercraft activity. They can help you find sailing schools all across Europe and around the Mediterranean. Once you have taken, at the minimum, the 5 day-4 night skipper course which gives you real at-sea experience you will be qualified to hire a boat, barebones, without additional crew.

Whether you are just looking for a way to sit back and relax with the family or advance your skills on our boats, yacht rides are a unique way to spend your vacation on one of the most beautiful seas in the world!