Why Kos is a popular island to visit from Bodrum

South West Turkey and the neighbouring Greek Islands have become increasingly popular with tourists since air travel became commonplace. There are plenty of flights coming from regional airports within Europe and the Middle East direct to Bodrum’s Airport in Milas and not surprisingly the result has been the development of a tourist infrastructure to cater for holidaymakers keen to enjoy the wonderful climate and warm seas. The cuisine in this fertile part of the Eastern Mediterranean is exquisite. Fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs and olive oil all ensure that those on board a gulet will enjoy excellent meals prepared by an experienced crew. If you want to catch dinner yourself put a line into the sea though there will still be food even if you catch nothing.

The Bodrum Peninsula revolves around the town of the same name and a series of small towns and villages hugging the coastline and its lovely beaches and warm seas. Bodrum has grown tremendously and its harbour is popular with ferries, yachts and gulets. The Castle is the town’s major landmark; a fine example of Crusader architecture in the Eastern Mediterranean.
Greece is just a short distance away and Turkish Gulet Cruises to Kos are one way to experience a little flavour of Greece. Any concerns about the relationship between Turk and Greek at a local level are dispelled immediately as there is a strong relationship between Bodrum and Kos. Boats in Greek waters merely raise the Greek flag and those in Turkish waters to Turkish flag. Indeed there is still a small Turkish community living and working on the Island.

Kos was the former home of Hippocrates whose name is still associated with medicine. He lived there in ancient times. Kos has a rich history and there is plenty on the island to remind visitors of its history and culture. Much centres on Kos Town itself but it is certainly worth exploring this long narrow island. It was part of the Byzantine Empire, spent a period of occupation by the Crusaders and four centuries within the Ottoman Empire before coming under Italian control just before the outbreak of the First World War. It did not become part of Greece until 1947. Those on a Gulet Cruise can explore the coastline with its lovely beaches. Even though Kos is a popular island for holidaymakers and it has its own airport, there is plenty of opportunities to relax away from the crowds.

That is the beauty of being on a charter gulet; you can decide what you want to do and within reason where you want to go. There is always another time if you miss something. This delightful region will welcome you again in the future.