About Phaselis

Phaselis is located between Kemer and Olympos and is a beautiful series of bays and beaches covered in pine trees and some ancient ruins to explore. It is just 70kms from Antalya airport. There is a small fee to pay to enter the National Park, where you will find a small museum and are then free to wander around the rest of the ruins. Here you can walk down the grand harbour street and explore the elaborate Roman baths. The ruined aqueduct of golden limestone is a reminder of the once-prosperous Phaselis, a city that prospered from the shipping of rose oil, timber and perfume.

Things to do in Phaselis

A city that Alexander the Great fell in love with, Phaselis, has a lot to offer those who appreciate nature, history and archaeology. With many attractive sights, Phaselis combines beautiful pine forests, turquoise waters and ancient ruins peeking through this nature. The city has three harbours and has a wealth of sites to see in the region. The city was once much fought for by pirates and many details of such historic elements are still present on every corner of the city.

The harbour on the city divides it into three parts known as the Northern, the Southern and the Military division. The city was once a completely walled city and remains of most of the walls can still be seen in the city. However, the walls on the southwest are among the most preserved. Remnants of many guard towers and watchtowers can still be seen in ruins near these walls. Although it is a much older city, the remaining structures are mostly of the Roman and Byzantine period. The traces of the older civilisations are either destroyed or have been buried under the earth from years of sand and soil. Most travelling on the Kemer to Kekova cabin cruise will visit Phaselis ancient city as an optional activity during their tour. It is definitely well worth it!

During your time in Phaselis, you will also find some splendid aqueducts on the entrance on Phaselis which were built to provide fresh water to the city. The most significant remains of the city are located on the street that connects the Military and the Southern Harbours. Once it used to be an admirably busy street with shops on both sides and walkways for pedestrians. The street features an impressive square in the middle gymnasium and a bath at the back. There is a superb agora in the city that has many benefactors names inscribed on its walls. Just opposite to the agora there is an ancient theatre built in 2nd century AD which could seat 2000 people. The acropolis is located just behind the theatre and housed temples dedicated to Athena, Heracles, Hermes, and Hestia. It also used to house some palaces and some important government buildings.

Phaselis is also quite a pleasant picnic location. You can pick up your food from the nearby family restaurants and have a picnic after a busy day of watching the ancient ruins. This is very popular on a Sunday for many of the Turkish locals. The hidden bays of Phaselis are very amiable location for a little swimming, yachting and enjoying the amazing landscapes. A walk in the amazing nature where the green forest meets the turquoise beaches of Phaselis can be very enjoyable and memorable.

As mentioned earlier most travelling on the Kemer cruise will visit Phaselis and will also get to visit sites such as Olympos, Simena Castle, Finike and Kekova.