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Finike or Phoenicus as it was known in ancient times is located on the Turkish Riviera to the west of Antalya and is a wonderful place to visit. Famous for its oranges, the town mascot if you will, Finike's local economy depends on the agriculture of citrus fruits and tourism in the summer. The quiet district is the perfect place to relax, become like the locals and rent a moped to take you around, swim in the beaches (nesting ground to sea turtles) or take a walk around the marina. If you venture out to the rocky parts of the coastline you might even be lucky enough to see the rare Mediterranean Monk Seal.

Phoenicus was founded in the 5th century and used as a major trading port for Lycia. However, this port was always under attack from forces in Syria, Egypt and Rhodes until the Byzantine Empire took hold of the port. Unfortunately even they could not contain control and eventually, the Seljuk Turks took hold of the area in the 13th century. In the mid 14th century the Ottoman Empire took back control of this town.

Things to do in Finike

Finike, the pretty town in the Antalya province is famous for some magnificent beaches and ancient ruins and most especially, oranges. Getting a bite of those delicious oranges should be the first thing you do in Finike. Finike has a long beach towards Kumluca and you will find the coastline filled with many charming yachts available for rent. Finike is often the hub of starting a fascinating journey towards the surrounding tourist attractions. And the Kemer blue cruises visit this town along the way.

The major attractions around Finike are the ruins of the ancient cities such as Arikanda, Idebessos, Limyra and Olympos. The Arykanda (Arif) is an ancient Lycian city that still remains to be fully excavated. The land there is full of mystery and it can be a powerful treat for the history lovers. Among the most prominent attractions in Arykanda is a state Agora, an Odeon, a cathedral, a few baths, a stadium with three tiers and a magnificent theatre. All of these exist only in ruins today and is endowed with their own historic charms. Another attractive feature of the ancient city is the Aykiri Brook that stands majestically above the waters.

Limyra is another mysterious city that was once known as Zemu in the Lycian language. With origins dating back to the 5th century BC, the city is filled with many significant archaeological specimens. The undersea city near the island of Kekova is another prominent attraction close to Finike. A city that went underwater by a powerful earthquake is a strong reminder of nature’s wrath. The Myra Theater is a grand ancient architecture that provides a magnificent view from its top. You could also visit the Ancient Graves near the Roman Theater which are believed to be almost 2000 years old. Situated on the slopes of the hills the ancient tombs produce scenery to remember forever.

After visiting Finike next on your list may be Kekova, Olympos, Kemer, Phaselis or Simena Castle within the Antalya province.

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