Olympos Blue Cruises Turkey

Olympos is a tiny village along the coastline of Turkey, a few hours away from Antalya. It is a popular spot for many tourists as it's the perfect place to take some time out and relax on the beach. It is also the starting or ending point of the famous blue cruise Olympos to Fethiye route. You can easily spend a day or two on either side of your cruise to chill out. A gulet holiday Olympos luxury yacht charter in Turkey's warm Mediterranean waters is the perfect way to visit Olympos and see the everlasting flames of the mountains.

Olympos is the total chill-out place on your Turkey travels. Time to kick off the traveling shoes, lay down your pack, and take some time out. Being the popular ending spot or start for the Fethiye Blue Cruises, Olympos stays on the tourist route in Turkey.

Don’t miss it!
1) Olympos Beach. The main attraction in Olympos is the beach. Everyone spends their day there before returning to their accommodation in the evening. Be sure to seek your spot on the beach, enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean sun, and swim away the day—some of our yacht charters and blue cruises from Antalya visit here.

2) Olympos Ruins. As you wander down to the beach through the National Park, you can walk through the ancient ruins scattered throughout the bushland. Take your time and get off the beaten track to explore the ruins found here before you lay your towel down for the day.

3) Chimaera – Eternal Flame. Not far from Olympos, you can find the optional excursion to visit the eternal flame. The natural gases in the area have created these pockets of fire that stay lit throughout the day, night, and all weather conditions. You can always ask your guesthouse for details if you get sick of just chilling.

4) Local gozleme. On your way down to the beach are local ladies doing what they do best – making the delicious Turkish pancakes, gozleme. After working up an appetite and doing not much on the beach, stop for one on the way back. They are well worth the pit stop.

Best places to eat!
The thing with Olympos is that there is just one road in, one road out, and it’s lined with pensions and guesthouses. With not much more on offer, your accommodation will offer you a package that will always include breakfast and dinner, so there is usually no need to seek out any other meals in the day unless you think you can fit in a gozleme.

Best places to drink!
Olympos is famously known for its beach and then pretty much its nightlife. Most guesthouses will have an in-house bar to chill at and have a few, but if you want a bit more of a party scene, then seek out some
local bars that tend to kick off later into the evening.

1) Bull Bar. Found at Kadir's Treehouse, Bull Bar has probably been around the longest and is one of the most popular bars to drink at. It gets lively late in the evening with music and a very social atmosphere. You will find Kadir locals here, and many others are staying in nearby pensions.

2) Cactus Bar. Found halfway along the main Olympos Road, Cactus Bar tends to host more alternate walks of life and some great live music every night. Be sure to see the house band most nights with guests throughout the summer. A chilled and friendly atmosphere is quite a popular choice in Olympos.

3) Saban's. Although one of the larger guesthouses in Olympos, their front yard is dedicated to their bar, and it tends to be quite a lively atmosphere. So if you want to chill and have a chat, then grab a seat and a cold drink in Saban's yard. This is where our buses depart from or arrive before/after Olympos Fethiye blue cruises.

Gulet Cruises starting from Olympos.
Olympos is the end destination in the popular Fethiye to Olympos Blue cruises. This popular sail Turkey gulet cruises anchor down in Demre harbor, then people are transferred onto Olympos by bus. You can either end your blue voyage from Fethiye in Olympos or do it in reverse and join the Fethiye Blue cruise starting from Olympos. Another option to enjoy gulet cruising from Olympos is Chartering a Private Gulet. Charter yacht vacations are also trendy. There are various standards of gulet cruise Olympos vessels, from Small boats to Luxury Gulets and Motor yachts, available in the ports Nearby, such as Kemer, Kas, Demre, and Fethiye to charter; please get in touch with us for further information.