Kemer Blue Cruises Turkey

Kemer is a large coastal holiday resort not far from Antalya. Whether you spend your time exploring the natural countryside, visiting ancient ruins of civilizations gone by, or sailing Turkey on the blue waters of the Mediterranean as many do on their Turkish gulet holidays, you will adore Kemer for its old-world charm. The beaches, shopping, and nightlife attract many holidaymakers year in and year out. This is also a fantastic spot to pick up blue voyage cruises heading towards Antalya or the beautiful, ancient Lycian coastline towards Kekova for their luxury yacht holidays.

Kemer is a famous resort-style town not too far out from Antalya. Although the Turkey gulet cruises do pass through Kemer, it is not as popular for these cruises as other locations. Kemer is famous for its lively nightlife and beautiful coastline. Kemer is the starting point for our Popular 1 week Kemer-Kekova gulet cruises.

Don’t miss it!
1) The Ancient ruins of Phaselis are an easy day trip from Kemer. Dating over 2000 years, these ruins are a popular tourist attraction as you can explore the Roman and Byzantine ruins while enjoying their beautiful scenery.

2) For the best panoramic views over the Antalya region, catch the gondola ride up to Mountain Tahtali. A great little day trip from Kemer and an excellent way to escape the summer heat with the high mountain milder temperatures.

3) The beautiful Goynuk Canyon is a day well spent. You can wander through the canyon and enjoy the beauty surrounding you. It’s nice and calm, so it’s a great way to get out of the summer humidity. If brave, dip in the icy cold waters running through the canyon.

Best places to eat!
As Kemer is a popular holiday destination, you can get your fair share of different food. The ones we think are worth a mention are –

1) Captain Pirate Restaurant and Café Bar. Although this place seems a little cliché is a good pick among all the restaurants and cafes in Kemer. It has a variety on its menu, from western-style food and Turkish dishes. It also has the best cocktails in town!

2) For the local experience without the fancy fanfare, head to Havuzbasi Restaurant. This is a great family-run business and caters well to families too. It’s the popular spot to grab your fresh trout meals. The location is lovely, right by the river.

3) Navigator Restaurant is best for sunset dinner along the marina. Not only do you watch the sunset on another beautiful day in Turkey, but the food and drinks served here are top-notch and well worth it.

Best places to drink!
Kemer is well known for its lively nightlife. You will want a few nights to get out and explore the best places in town. Be sure to have your dancing shoes on.

1) Club Inferno. This is the hot pick in town. Each night typically has a different theme. You may get the selection of the best songs of the year, a Turkish night, or they even host foam parties. Either way, this has been one of the most popular clubs to head out to in Kemer, and you can see why.

2) Klub Kristall. Although it’s said to be Inferno’s little brother, this is still a perfect pick if you want a change of scenery. Good music choices and the staff are super-efficient in serving drinks.

3) Monkey Disco Bar. If you want something quieter than the bigger clubs, head here for friendly local service.

Gulet Cruises starting from Kemer.
Kemer is not the most well-known area for the Turkish Blue Cruise holidays. This also means that a gulet cruise Kemer is less populated and has a relaxed, calm lure.  However, you will find some gorgeous Turkish Gulets and yachts in Kemer harbor as many discerning guests realize that a blue cruise to Kemer is preferable. The port houses some standard style gulets and the luxury style gulets you will see sailing past throughout your time here. If you want to get on board and experience the Turkish gulet holidays, then your only option out of Kemer is the Kemer to Kekova and back, which takes one week. You can also visit our gulet charter Turkey page for more information and gulet options. With its quaint village atmosphere, fantastic scenery, shopping, and the bonus of nearby historical sites, a gulet holiday Kemer has something for everyone.