About Farout Cruises
Farout Turkey is Turkey based brand, run under Tursab license SAILNSTAY Travel (Turkish Travel Agencies Association Tursab No: 8812). Managed by Murat Ned Danisan who also created 'Alaturka' brand in March 2003 and been runing gulet cruises ACROSS TURKEY since, however from 2022 onwards, due to trademark issue toke name Farout and will be runned by SAILNSTAY Travel.

Brief History
Murat Ned Danisan Started this business back in October 2003 Farout Cruises. The aim was to use the gulet to run the popular Fethiye to Olympos blue cruises. In 2006 our business grew, even more, when they ventured into Turkey bus tours, tours and travel assistance in other destinations in Turkey and eventually to opening their first hotel in Fethiye.
In 2007 the business expanded again opening the Cappadocia, they introduced their new tours, opening up the Black Sea Region and the Eastern Regions of this beautiful country.

Farout Team
The members of Farout's management, office, hotel and gulet crew all come from various parts of Turkey such as Fethiye, Selcuk, Pamukkale, Cappadocia and Demre. There is also a multicultural mix of staff. Most members of Farout crew have been working with Farout for years. Every one of the team members have years of experience either in yachting, travel, marketing or hospitality and they all strive to improve Farout's service year by year. We pride ourselves on calling us the Turkey Travel Experts.

Farout tours in brief
Farout specialises in blue cruises along Turkey's Mediterranean coast; providing private gulet charters, regular cabin cruises with guaranteed departures through summer and also organise bus tours in other areas of Turkey including Istanbul, Gallipoli, Selcuk, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Fethiye, Olympos, Cappadocia and many more. Farout also owns a guesthouse overlooking Fethiye harbour and organise any short daily tours and activities for our guesthouse guests here in Fethiye.

Farout Cruises
Farout can organise any kind of blue cruise along the Mediterranean coast. We organise several cruising routes departing from Fethiye, Olympos, Kas, Marmaris, Demre and Bodrum. Fethiye to Olympos Blue Cruises is by far the most popular cruising route. With daily departures from Fethiye and Olympos throughout the week, these cruises start at the end of April and can go up until the end of October. Majority of our guests who join an Farout Fethiye – Olympos Blue Cruise consider it one of their highlights and one of the best things to do whilst in Turkey. We can also organise cruises from Marmaris, Bodrum, Antalya, Kemer and Kas with limited departures throughout the year. To see all cabin cruises please visit our cabin cruise section on the website.
Farout Private Gulet Cruises
Farout operates a large fleet with various options of Gulets / Yachts from 18 to 36 metres in length, from standard gulets to super-luxury yachts. Anything is possible, all you need to do is select your option depending on your budget and group size. There are different types of Turkish traditional gulets and Farout can pretty much cruise any route along Turkey's coastline and also some of the Greek islands if requested. Our yachts are traditionally all handmade Turkish gulets and are all listed on under the fleet section of this website.

Farout Bus Tours
Farout can organise and operate regular, tailored or private tours all around Turkey. It is possible to also organise regional tours such as Istanbul tours, Gallipoli tours, Ephesus tours, Pamukkale tours, Dalyan tours, Cappadocia tours and Mt. Nemrut tours. To see our full range of products and tour offerings please visit our Turkey Package tours website.

Since 2005
Fields -Travel agency, yachting company, tour operators, accommodation management.
Head Office Address - Alakent Mah. Karabucak Cad. no:13/1, 07570 Demre / ANTALYA

Yachting - cabin cruises and private yacht charters.
Bus Operations -  Farout Bus door to door Pamukkale services, package tours and local buses.
Travel Agency -Turkey to Greek ferries, transfers, daily tours, sightseeing activities and packages.
Accommodation - Accommodation management and hotel bookings throughout all of Turkey.

TURSAB - member and holding license of Turkish Travel Agencies.
DTO - member and holding license of Turkish Chamber of Shipping.
OFFICES Demre, Cappadocia

Farout Turkey
Farout Cruises 
Sail Turkey:
Fethiye Guesthouse

Booking Manager

2004 - Farout Inn

2004 - Farout Inn
Farout's First Accommodation in Fethiye
In 2004 Farout branched out and decided to open their first guesthouse in Fethiye. Farout Inn was opened this year and was Farout's first accommodation in Fethiye.

2006 - Farout Bus

2006 - Farout Bus
Farout's first bus tour operation
With the experience of working in the industry, we noticed that many of our guests were having issues coming to Fethiye from Ephesus, Selcuk, Kusadasi with not very good bus connections. So we decided to start a daily bus departing from Ephesus, Selcuk and Kusadasi bound for Fethiye, however we thought we would send it via Pamukkale - one of the major attractions in Turkey. That way our clients had a direct bus route to us in Fethiye, whilst getting to see one of the major attractions in Turkey all within the same day. This was the first bus tour Farout started operating and has become so successful we now run these day tours throughout summer in both directions, departing from Selcuk bound for Fethiye and in the reverse direction.

2007 - Cappadocia Tours

2007 - Cappadocia Tours
Tour packages to the hottest destinations
In 2007 Farout released special holiday packages out to Cappadocia - one of the hottest destinations in Turkey. Starting from most major cities within Turkey these rolled up packages including transport, accommodation and day tours took the hassle out travellers organising it all themselves and gave a great value deal. They have become so popular that they are still one of our hottest sellers.

2009 - Olympos Office

2009 - Olympos Office
New Farout Agency opens in Olympos
With the Fethiye to Olympos cruise route getting more and more popular we were running cruises in between both locations in reverse directions. We thought it would be appropriate to open an office in Olympos and successfully opened our agency called Dark Travel in the year 2009. Our agency office runs from the ever popular Bayrams Tree House site. 

2010 - Fethiye Guesthouse

2010 - Fethiye Guesthouse
Farout open a the new Fethiye Guesthouse
In 2010 Farout acquired a new property to run a brand new guesthouse in Fethiye. This was the year that Fethiye Guesthouse was opened. Located a short walk from the office and also the main marina where our cruises departed and arrived, it proved to be a popular choice for our guests to stay.

2009 - Booking Manager

2009 - Booking Manager
Farout open an online booking system
In 2009 Farout became one of the first travel companies within all of Turkey to open an online booking system. The system proved to work out well, giving our guests the ability to book most of their Turkey holiday needs online, pay up front and have everything confirmed before arriving. The system continues to be enhanced and developed to be one of the only online booking systems within all of Turkey.

2010 - Farout Selcuk Ephesus Office

2010 - Farout Selcuk Ephesus Office
New Farout Agency is opened in Selcuk
As our business has continued to grow, we have been lucky enough to be able to continue to expand our travel offices with opening another agency in Selcuk. Located right in the heart of town, our friendly staff there have also been working in the travel industry their whole lives.

2007 - Cappodocia Office

2007 - Cappodocia Office
New offices opened in cappadocia
In 2007 Farout's new Cappadocia offices open, our tours from the Cappadocia region have been successfully running since 2007 and we are now able to provide our customers with even more facilitıes.

2016 - Eastern Turkey Tours.

2016 - Eastern Turkey Tours.
New tours created to eastern Turkey.
In 2016 Farout added new tours across the country, travelling to the Eastern parts of this beautiful and historic land. Opening up a new opportunity to see parts of turkey that are steeped in history and wonder.

2016 Black Sea Tours

2016 Black Sea Tours
New tours to the Black Sea region of Turkey
In 2016 Farout Expanded again adding the Black Sea region of Turkey to their tours. This region is a must-see jewel of this part of the country. Travelling along the Black Sea coast and visiting some of the most beautiful towns and historic sites that Turkey has to offer. 

2017 - Cappadocia Quad Safari Office

2017 -  Cappadocia Quad Safari Office
Farout open a unique quad safari office
In 2017 Farout opened a unique office in the heart of the Cappadocia region, introducing quad safari tours. Enabling us to give our customers an amazing opportunity to see this landscape from a completely different angle.