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The gastronomic scene in Turkey is booming. And it's not just because you can find incredible ingredients here, the fantastic geography of the country makes it possible for innovative dining experiences to be conjured up, and the most recent addition to our website Food/Gastronomic yacht tours gulet Turkey is testament to the fact. We will be conducting guaranteed departure trips from Fethiye harbour in Turkey, cruising around the magnificent bays, islands, and gems of the Mediterranean for an extraordinary dining experience making this the perfect gulet holiday Turkey.

Serving traditional Turkish food recipes, our Gastronomic cruises feature fantastic professionally designed menus cooked to your liking and dietary needs, not too spicy and vegetarian and vegan options are available. Turkish cuisine history is influenced by different cultures including Persian, Syrian, Armenian, Greek and Ottoman cuisines. See below for pictures of Turkish food that will be served on board, delicious and plentiful as the norm is in Turkey. Local and Regional specialities will be cooked up and served by a team of expert professional crew and chef, that will ensure the best possible holiday while on board. Vegetarian Turkish food despite belief of the contrary is quite plentiful and is prominent in Turkish gastronomy. Modern Turkish cuisine developed a fusion of traditional and modern styles and ingredients and takes advantage of the abundant availability of seasonal fruits and vegetables that can be found year-round in local Bazaars. Vegan options are also available upon request but need to be mentioned in advance so the chef can prepare a dedicated menu for your enjoyment.

Along the coastline, the cuisine specialises in seafood dishes serving fresh fish caught every morning by the local fishermen. Local ingredients are used in combination with fresh local fish to produce mouth-watering seafood dishes, best enjoyed on a cruise with the magnificent views of the Mediterranean all around. The seasonal ingredients and zesty traditional flavours of the Mediterranean are renowned for their health benefits and the longevity of the people that live on the diet. Today the Turkish Gastronomic scene is booming, with trendy restaurants opening all over the country offering original combinations of modern and traditional cuisine for fresh and tasty fusion cuisine. What better way to tour these capitals of Turkish Gastronomy than by traditional Turkish Gulet, cruising the French Riviera and exploring the wonders of the Turquoise Coast. Combining the fresh cuisine of the Mediterranean and historical and archaeological sites scattered along the southern coast, we provide cruising itineraries that bring together the best of both worlds for an unforgettable holiday experience.