Private Yacht Charter: Classic Yachts

Farout's classic yacht charter is probably the most popular of gulets as they are the perfect choice for travellers wanting to cruise on a budget. Standard class gulets are more than comfortable and can accommodate any group size starting from 6 people right up to 22 people. On all the standard gulets you will find three crew members, but sometimes with the larger standard gulets, they can have up to five crew members on board. All cabins are equipped with private bathrooms, bed linen and storage space.

The best Mediterranean yacht and charter sailing trips with Farout are those that take you by traditional Gulet, Catamaran or Sailboat for a weekend boat trip to some of the many coastal destinations in Turkey. Yachting trips are a fantastic way to go on a thrilling adventure with your friends and family, and with over 20 years experience in the Blue Cruise business, you can be sure that your chartered sailing trips or boat rental in Turkey will be the highlight of your vacation.

How To Proceed

Step 1

Choose what type of gulet you would like to hire. Choose between standard gulet, a standard gulet with air-conditioning, luxury or even deluxe gulet.

Step 2

Choose a blue cruise route listed on the itineraries tab that may interest your group. Remember all itineraries can be customised to make this a holiday of a lifetime.

Step 3

Choose a meal package. Whether you would like to self cater and shop yourselves or the easier option of letting Farout provide the food for you. We offer standard, luxury and deluxe menu options and will also cater to all dietary requirements.

Step 4

Email us with all your information. If you are having a hard time to make up your mind, please feel free to get in touch and we can recommend a gulet and itinerary for you.