Private Yacht Charters

We have all at some point dreamt of taking a Mediterranean cruise, sailing the peaceful blue waters, it can be both romantic and incredibly glamorous, however, most of us tend to think it's out of our price range, an opportunity only for the rich and famous. Well, not anymore there are so many cruises to choose from and the 3-day 2 night Gulet cruise is one of them, at great affordable prices that will fit into your budget and into the time frame that you have available for your sailing experience.

If you only have 3 days then you will be able to experience a selection of the most popular and the best turkey gulet holidays that are available, sailing out of port from the southern town of Fethiye and cruising to stunning destinations such as Kas, with its ancient sunken city, or Olympos known for the eternal flames that light up the mountainside and Oludeniz, famed as one of the most beautiful and most photographed beaches in the whole of Turkey to name just a few of the places that you will sail to, here the waters are clear turquoise, warm and inviting.

Your 3 full days onboard can be tailored to suit all your needs perfectly, whether you just want to relax, swim or read and soak up the Turkish hot summer sun, or if you prefer to try your hand at high adrenalin activities like paragliding or diving there is something available for everyone, We also recognize that an integral and important part of any sailing experience, of course, is the food and for the 3 days that you are on your cruise you will taste the delicious food that Turkey prides herself on from the freshest ingredients grown locally to traditional dishes from the different regions of the coastal area that you are sailing along, you may even want to have a go at fishing and catch your fresh fish for dinner.

Another unforgettable part of any cruise is the chance to hop off the boat back onto dry land and visit some of the many historical sites that this part of the Turkish Riviera is packed with, from castles of the Knights Templar to some of the most incredible ancient cities that will capture your heart and on to some of the most secluded and charming bays that can only be reached by boat such as ButterflyValley.

In the evenings far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the ever-moving water calms you and with a drink, in hand, you can watch some of the most dazzling colorful sunsets which reflect and sparkle on the surface of the water almost as if it is setting it on fire.

There is also something extra special about being able to sleep under the stars, here away from the constant lights of the cities the sky seems to be filled with an array of twinkling stars that are just that little bit brighter and feel a little closer, your 3 days will be filled with experiences making you feel like you have spent much longer here.

Farout is a company that consistently prides itself on providing every guest that cruises with us, a yacht charter that is simple to book, at competitive prices, where all the details of your time with us are clear and it is our aim that for the 3 days you are onboard you will be made welcome, feel relaxed and get the very best out of your Turkish Mediterranean blue cruise.