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Farout Deals & Group Bookings

‘’Your group, your journey, on the open seas.  Let the waves carry you to unforgettable moments.’


Assemble your group, setting a cruise on the open sea where dreams are crafted into cherished memories. Whether it's a party of six or more, revel in exclusive discounts for weekly cruises or the scenic Olympos to Fethiye route.
For those reaching the group, the adventure unfolds with even grander perks. Enjoy discounts on both weekly and captivating cruises.

Group Booking on a Regular Cruise:


Group Booking on a Private Gulet:
  • Our Private Gulets sizes range from 14 to 20.
  • The great leader of a group (minimum 15+1 guests) can enjoy a complimentary voyage.
  • You can get an extra 5% discount on both Weekly cruises and Olympos to Fethiye cruises.
  • Group members can pay separately.
  • Full meals and drinking water are included.
  • Port fees included.
  • Full refunds are available until 8 weeks before departing, and free date changes are allowed until 6 weeks prior.
    Benefits of Private Cruising

    1. Personalized Experience: Whether planning a Party cruise, Birthday celebration, Bachelor party, Family holiday, or a Sightseeing adventure, we tailor your itinerary to match your group's unique preferences and style.

    2. Flexible Group Size: Even after the booking, your group size can easily be adjusted between 12 to 20 people, allowing for changes in the selected Gulet based on availability. Up to 6 weeks, you can change the number of people; after that, you can still check. This flexibility ensures that changes in the selected Gulet can be accommodated based on availability, reducing the risk of group members pulling out or joining.

    3. Flexible Route Options: You’ll be offered several routes to pick from (on weekly cruises only). So you can enjoy a variety of cruising, ensuring a captivating and diverse maritime experience.

    4. Gulet Class Upgrade Options: Even after your booking is completed, you will have the option to upgrade your Gulet Class at an extra cost (Luxury or Plus)

Important Notes:
- The Private Gulet deals above are only for making group reservations on our regular cruises, which means Boat/Gulet pre-selection is impossible. If you prefer the option to choose according to your group's preferences, please check our Private Charters Section, as there are hundreds to choose from.

- Both Group Bookings and Private Gulet options above are based on the same rules as our cabin cruises: meals included, drinks sold onboard.  

Hot Deals

Are you considering cruising with Farout and having the summer of your life? Then check out our specials below; maybe our specials and hot deals will make you stop thinking about booking and booking! Here you can keep up to date with our early bird discount savings, last-minute deals, and other top cruising offers!

Out of all the yacht dealers in Turkey, Farout is one of the best because our special charter and yacht rental deals offer great competitive rates and prices for incredible unique tours of the Turkish coast. Find affordable yacht charters and explore the wonders of the Turquoise Coast.

Tour Dates Available Pax 1 - 5 Pax 6 -10 Pax 11 - 16 Pax 17 + Expires
Sail Turkey 18 to 39 Young Adults 15 Jul 19 Jul 30% 30% 30% 30% 20 Jul
Fethiye - Kekova - Fethiye 15 Jul 19 Jul 40% 40% 40% 40% 20 Jul
Fethiye to Olympos 15 Jul 19 Jul 42% 42% 42% 42% 20 Jul
Olympos to Fethiye 15 Jul 19 Jul 42% 42% 42% 42% 20 Jul
Olympos - Fethiye - Olympos 15 Jul 19 Jul 40% 40% 40% 40% 20 Jul
Fethiye to Demre 15 Jul 19 Jul 44% 44% 44% 44% 20 Jul
Olympos to Oludeniz 15 Jul 19 Jul 44% 44% 44% 44% 20 Jul
Kas to Fethiye 15 Jul 19 Jul 44% 44% 44% 44% 20 Jul
Kas to Olympos 15 Jul 19 Jul 44% 44% 44% 44% 20 Jul