Private Yacht Charters

So you have a week off of work, always wanted to go on a luxurious cruise but don't think you have enough time, we have some great news for you, modern cruises can be anything from as little as 2 days up to, well the skies the limit nowadays, there are so many choices and great holiday packages that will fit in with your work schedule or limited time frame, you will be able to pack in as much or as little as you want, to get the most for you out of your Farout blue voyage Meditteranean cruise.

We have some great 7-day 6-night cruises for you to choose from, you can start from the beautiful harbor town of Fethiye in southern Turkey and take a scenic cruise to Kekova, visiting some small secluded bays islands that are scattered throughout the coastline where you will see evidence of ancient civilizations scattered all around you from Saint Nicholas Island where the short walk to the highest point has a fabulous view and the sunsets that reflect off of the water here seem to be like no other as if the sea is on fire, and on to Gokkaya where a 2000-year-old city lies silently just beneath the surface of the water then to Ucagiz old Fishing Village where you can wander through the narrow streets and take some time to enjoy the little boutique shops or sit at a cafe out of the heat of the sun and enjoy a traditional Turkish coffee and some sweet baklava.

Next heading to the charming village of Kas, nestled just off the water's edge where the houses are stacked precariously ever higher up the mountainside. It is here at Kas that you will find some of the best waters for diving, warm and clear. Your time spent at Kas will be a memory you will never forget, this part of Turkey's coastline is teaming with ample and varied marine life and the best place to see it all up close is under the water, however, if that is not for you and you just want to relax, read swim and sunbathe as the boat gently rocks you then there is plenty of space on deck to do just that.

Each gulet has a slightly different layout but they all have plenty of space for all on board to relax with seating areas, sunbathing decks, large dining spaces, and each cabin has its private ensuite bathroom, some of the most memorable times on board will be sharing a meal, a drink in hand and watching the sun go down over the horizon as a blanket of stars covers you overhead, a magical experience.

We also know that great food is part of a great sailing experience and our chefs are proud to cook for you some of the freshest locally grown dishes of the region. there is also the chance to try your hand at fishing and catch your evening meal, couldn't get much fresher than that.

As you come to the end of the cruise you will pass Butterfly Valley a stunning deep gorge where at various times throughout the year hundreds of different species of Butterflies fill the air it is just a stone's throw away from Oludeniz beach one of the most well know and photographed beaches in Europe. The Babadag Mountain watches over everything and you will see a sky full of paragliders as the gently glide down if you’re an adrenalşne junky and this is something you want to try then here's your chance. There truly is something for everyone. Private yacht rentals have never been so easy to book and at affordable prices, our team is here to help with all your booking needs and inquiries.