Bodrum Blue Cruises Turkey

Bodrum is one of the largest towns in the southern coastal region of Turkey. A well-known party spot, boasting one of the largest outdoor nightclubs in the world, however, there is also much more on offer. The old town of Bodrum is built with beautiful traditional whitewashed houses giving it a real charm. You will also find some impressive sandy and secluded beaches to soak up the Turkish sun and ocean. This is the perfect spot to start your blue cruise Bodrum gulet holidays either along the Turkish coast or out to the Greek Islands. The availability and simplicity to rent a yacht make choosing this option a breeze.

Bodrum is another stop along for the popular Turkish gulet cruises. However, as it is one of the hottest and most popular holiday destinations there are many more things to do than just jumping on a weeklong cruise.
Don’t miss!
1)One of the landmarks that make up Bodrum is the Castle of St Peter – Bodrum Castle. Once a fortress for the St John Knights, it was used as a fortress to protect the City over many centuries of time. The Castle is now a museum and you can visit one of the other major attractions in Bodrum, the Museum of Underwater Archeology.
2) Daily boat trips. Like all coastal Turkish towns, they are surrounded by beautiful waterways that offer you some very special places to swim and enjoy the ocean. Jump on a daily Turkish gulet cruise Bodrum and enjoy some of the beautiful beaches and bays that you can only access by boat. As well as day cruises, blue voyages and Blue cruises, there are many yachts available in Bodrum for private yacht cruising, Marmaris harbour is very popular for Blue cruises and Luxury cruising, and hosts various luxurious gulets and Yachts, as well as standard gulets.
3)Kos. If you are interested to jump ship out of Turkey for a while, then why not get the boat across to visit the Greek Island of Kos. Only about a 30-40 minute journey this little Greek Island is easily accessible as a day trip from Bodrum.

Best places to eat!
Bodrum may be well known for its amazing nightlife and large nightclubs, but the food scene here is also worthy of a mention. The food that is served in Bodrum is some of the most delicious and fresh you will get served around Turkey. You have many choices including some great fine dining options.
1)Malades serves up some delicious array of meze along with an extensive menu. The service is some of the best in Bodrum. This is the spot to go to, to have a night to really treat yourself.
2)Avlu Bistro Bar is one of our favourites in Bodrum. The rustic décor takes you away to another place. The food is delicious and so well presented you don’t want to touch it to mess it up. The service is very welcoming and friendly.
3)Ox Wine and Burger Bar. Best burger in Turkey, or so they say. If you want something away from the Turkish food for a night then hit up this burger bar. They serve up so many burgers to choose from you will be licking your lips on which one to choose. Great relaxed atmosphere and a good drinks list.

Best places to drink!
Bodrum hosts the largest outdoor nightclub in the world and it's well worth a visit to see the spectacle of it all. There are so many other places to go in Bodrum as it is well renown for its wonderful nightlife scene. So take your pick and enjoy.
1)Halikarnas. The largest outdoor nightclub in the world with amazing views over Bodrum Castle and the Aegean Sea this is one nightclub that will blow your mind. There is constant entertainment every night and dancers to get you all in the mood. Drinks are not too cheap, but the chance to rub shoulders with some famous people – why not for just one night.
2)Posh is another large nightclub in Turkey but more geared for the locals usually only playing Turkish music. So if you think you would like a taste to see how the locals do it, then head down to Posh. Do it Turk style and don’t get there too early. Things won't kick off till after midnight normally.
3)Helva Bar. If you have spent your nights in the most famous nightclubs and are a little over the fanfare that goes along with them, then head to Helva Bar. It tends to still play the music you will hear in all other clubs and you can still dance the night away in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Gulet Cruises starting from Bodrum
Bodrum harbour is one busy spot for the popular blue cruise holidays that run along the southern coastline of Turkey. The popular Turkish gulet holidays are what keeps Bodrum harbour thriving throughout the summer period. You will be spoilt for choice when choosing your blue cruise in and out of Bodrum. Not only do these Turkish gulets cruise between the beautiful bays in the surrounding area, but you will find many that go onto the Greek Islands as well.

Sail Turkey Blue Cruise to Bodrum to experience a wonderful holiday with friends and family. Choose from custom made itineraries such as Bodrum to Marmaris, Fethiye, Antalya, Dalaman, Ephesus and much more for your chartered yacht vacations in Turkey. Gulet holiday Bodrum yacht charters are available, you can visit from Europe, cruise Bodrum to Fethiye with our amazing gullet cruise options and discover the wonders of Turquoise coast cruises with Farout.