Blue Cruises Turkey Luxury Gulet Holiday Cruise

Have you thought about sailing off into the sunset, romance, a glass of chilled champagne in hand, the warm waters of the Mediterranean ocean all of these images are conjured up in our minds as we think of a luxury gulet cruise, a holiday where comfort and style go hand in hand?

There are hundreds maybe thousands of gullet yachts bobbing the southern waters of Turkey's coastline, but when you are looking for a certain luxurious standard, that offers the very best in accommodation with well equipt larger cabins that come with a home-style fitted private ensuite bathroom, fine dining, and a captain worth his weight in gold then Farout has it all. Our available fleet of traditionally handcrafted Turkish Gulet yachts is exactly what the discerning customer is looking for.

Some many services and items come as standard on all our boats but with our luxury Turkish Gulet Tours, you will be surprised at the added extras that make cruising that much more convenient and enjoyable, whether it’s high-quality high tech, or equipment onboard such as kayaks, snorkeling gear, a zodiac or even a jacuzzi there is something to entertain everyone and make your cruising experience amazing.

Once you have chosen the right gullet yacht for your luxury yacht charter holiday the choice of destinations is endless, if you are looking for a time of complete relaxation, swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the food and company then a cruise is perfect but if you want to mix it up a little with some historical sightseeing from castles to monasteries to ancient cities with fantastic tales to tell or some high energy activities such as diving or paragliding or maybe your thing is to wander slowly through narrow streets where the locals sell their wares and you can find a small café to enjoy the authentic Turkish coffee or cool off with a cold beer as the Turkish summer sun shines overhead, Turkeys gullet cruises can accommodate all of the above and so much more with a different sunset in a new location every day.

Our luxury yacht charters come with their very own chef and over the years the level of quality and the innate desire for Turks to proudly share traditional dishes, sourced whenever possible from local farmers and markets will add to your cruise being one to remember. There is nothing quite like eating alfresco whilst the waters gently rock you to a rhythm as old as time under a sky full of stars that seem to be just that much brighter away from all the city lights.

Booking your luxury gulet cruise is simple, we have a team that is available to give you any details your not sure of or just want to clarify before booking and will make the process easy and stress-free, plus, all details of our yachts, cruises, itineraries food plans and all other information can be found on our website, there is also the added ability for you to book online directly if you prefer.

We wish you nothing but happy sailing with us, and of course in complete luxury.