Blue Cruises Turkey Best Gulet Turkey Top 10

When you are picking your top 10 it’s a personal choice, usually based on your own set of circumstances or how many people are travelling with you how many days are available for your cruise and your budget, It could be a variety of reasons, so maybe a top ten should be flexible to suit individuals rather than a rigid structure, so below we've added our best top 10 Gulet Cruises, have a read, swap around and make the best choice for you.

Fethiye to Olympos 4 day blue cruise, one of the most popular cruises that start in the town of Fethiye, and sailing out to some amazing islands bays and landmarks 4 days that are action-packed with the chance to try paragliding and diving, with plenty of time for relaxation, stopping at many places along the way including Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley and Kas. 

Bodrum to Fethiye 8 day blue cruise starts in this stunning ancient city, the marina is watched over by an imposing castle built by the knight's templar, many small islands are dotting in the bluest waters as you sail away from Bodrum and each is as charming as the next with bays surrounded by pine trees and calm waters, forget about the stresses of daily life as the waters rock you to sleep. With so many locations such as the Black Islands, Palamutbuku, Datca, Marmaris and Ekinck between Bodrum and Fethiye your 8 days will be a true Turkish Delight.

Olympos to Oludeniz 3 day blue cruise short but sweet, if you have limited time but want to see one of the best areas of the Mediterranean then this may be the pick for you. This cruise may only last 3 days but near Gokkaya you will float over the protected sunken city and in Kas, you will have the chance to go Diving and see some diverse marine life, sleep overnight in the picture-perfect aquarium bay before lifting anchor the next day and journeying to Oludeniz, the cruise ends here but it is in Oludeniz that you can continue your holiday thrills by Paragliding off of the Babdag Mountain. 

Bodrum and the South Greek Islands 8 day blue cruise, a fantastic way to not only enjoy a magical gulet cruise but also taking in two countries and enjoying all they have to offer. Sailing out of Bodrum and stopping at some of the most beautiful bays and islands along the way before your boat crosses into Greek waters sailing to the islands of Kos, Nisyros, Symi and Rhodes before returning to the Turkish coast and stopping at Cnidus, Datca, Black Islands and Poyraz Harbour, 8 days, each one very different from the one before with time to relax and feel the wind in your hair as you sail these incredible seas. 

Marmaris to Fethiye 4 day cruise, sailing out of one of Turkeys most popular resorts to the calm and luxury of the perfect short cruise to Fethiye, visiting tempting islands and bays including where it is rumoured Cleopatra bathed with Marc Anthony, and as you sail into your last destination of Fethiye you can't help but wonder at the beauty of the ancient tombs greeting you from high up on the mountainside. 

Sail Turkey Young Adults 7-day cruise if you are looking for some fun and are aged between 18 and 39 then this cruise is made for you to meet new friends visit new places and make some fantastic memories in stunning locations. What more could you ask for? 

Sail Croatia 5 day cruise. Croatia is a little known gem and getting ever more popular with some of the prettiest and oldest towns of Europe set in some of the warmest clear waters with long sandy beaches this is a cruising holiday dream, from Dubrovnik, Hvar, Korcula and Split this is one of the most amazing settings for any private yacht vacations

7 day Yoga Cruise surrounded by deep blue water, clean air, the gentle rocking of the boat with the fragrance of pine trees to greet you every day in a new location, combining yoga and relaxation with swimming and sightseeing if you want to hop on dry land in some of the most amazing destinations of Turkeys Southern Mediterranean riviera, with delicious healthy local food to complete the perfect yoga cruise. 

Bodrum to Gokova 8 day cruise with just over a week to immerse yourself in this fabulous region hopping from island to island and anchoring in locations with sunsets that light the sea on fire, you will love every minute of it from Seven Islands to Balli Su and on to Okluk Bay to English harbour and Ayinda Bay truly some of the prettiest places on earth. 

Fethiye to Borum 8 day cruise, the seas along this stretch of Turkeys coastline are scattered with islands that take you all the way east to west, each with its charm, history and a tale to tell, each night you can sleep under the stars, anchored in one of the bays of Dalyan, Marmaris, Kadirga Bay, Datca or Cnidus. 

We hope that these short descriptions of our best gulet Turkey top 10 have intrigued you and made you want to learn more about these fantastic cruises, our websites have all the details and more for you to pick the best out of our top ten for you.