Olympos Private Yacht Charters

The ancient Lycian city of Olympos, dates back to the  4th century BC, nestled near Antalya, on the Mediterranean coast. Today many visitors are seeing this amazing place and coastline whilst on the water with a yacht rental holiday. The early history of Olympos is masked in mystery. Its name is probably derived from the Olympos mountain about 15 km north of the city. The ruins are quite large and much of the original Lycian city remains. However, most of the remnants are Roman, there are ruins of a theatre, harbour, temple and Roman baths. A particular highlight that attracts visitors is the massive stone entrance gate which was dedicated to the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius c172AD. Accents of Byzantine artwork are also part of this visual journey through the site’s history.

The Olympians worshipped the god of fire and the mysterious site of Chimeira, has eternal flames wherever you look which spring from the earth not far from the city. Due to its natural and historic importance, the area is now under protection, With its lush greenery and subtropical climes, it is an earthly bit of paradise. Protection means, no resorts, no luxury hotels, instead, you can find and stay in tree houses. This is one of the regions more secluded areas and a fantastic place for a gulet charter Olympos or a  luxury private yacht charter and also one of the prettiest so whether you are on land or you are fortunate enough to sail turkey Olympos will not disappoint. With the availability of so many types and sizes of gulets and yachts, your dream cruising vacation may be one of the best ways to visit this part of southern Turkey, to rent a yacht or yacht hire couldn't be easier. This place is also a sanctuary and nesting site of Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead sea turtles), so if you are sailing these waters in a yacht charter Olympos gulet you will be sure to see some amazing marine life.

Classic: Standard gulets, these gulets are economic and does not have A/C.
Classic Plus: An upgrade on our standard gulets, including A/C and additional facilities.
Luxury: Luxury gulets that have larger & luxury cabins and more facilities.
Luxury Plus: Premium gulets with superior cabins and the best facilities.


How To Proceed

Step 1

Choose what type of gulet you would like to hire. Choose between standard gulet, a standard gulet with air-conditioning, luxury or even deluxe gulet.

Step 2

Choose a blue cruise route listed on the itineraries tab that may interest your group. Remember all itineraries can be customised to make this a holiday of a lifetime.

Step 3

Choose a meal package. Whether you would like to self cater and shop yourselves or the easier option of letting Farout provide the food for you. We offer standard, luxury and deluxe menu options and will also cater to all dietary requirements.

Step 4

Email us with all your information. If you are having a hard time to make up your mind, please feel free to get in touch and we can recommend a gulet and itinerary for you.