Private Yacht Charter: Gulets

The Turkish gulet is a type of large wooden sailing boat which came into popularity for recreational purposes in the 1970s when a high volume of tourists began sailing turkey and flocking to the Turkish Riviera for vacations. The gulet boat is a Turkish classic, made of different types of wood including cedar and birch from the Southwest region. They contain two or three masts which have the option to add sails, although they are not necessary as the design of the boat contains a Diesel engine. If you prefer to sail privately, without strangers, it is possible to hire either crewed classic gulet charter or barebones boats, for those who are experienced in captaining a ship. 

The gulet was not always used as a luxury crewed yacht charter. During the early years, it was actually used as a vehicle of commerce used for fishing and transporting goods, particularly local produce from the Aegean region. The design of the national boat of Turkey is similar to the European Schooner, which also has a shallow draft allowing the boats to cruise smoothly in shallow waters. This came in handy for both fishermen to catch their food in small coves, and helps the ships nowadays get cruisers to the best swim spots on their private yacht tours!

Today, gulets have been redesigned to be a pleasure vessel for visitors to the coast of Turkey, sailing along the coastline on a modern yacht. No longer are the cabins filled with solely with a crew and produce for sale, but rather, these crewed sailboat charters are filled with items used for enjoyment, not work. In the past, the decks were where the crew would traditionally have meals together. This is one aspect that has not changed as gulets in Turkey transformed from commerce boats to yachts. However, the level of professionalism on board and dedication of the chefs make them worthy of Michelin star restaurants nowadays! When meals are not served the deck is the place of relaxation with high-quality sunbeds and often even Jacuzzis. If you need a break from the main deck, it is common for the larger cabins to be filled with furniture and entertainment systems in luxury gulets.

Coastal gulet Turkey tour prices vary depending on the amount of time you spend on the boat, where you travel to, and whether it is a crewed charter. These private crewed yacht charters are the best option if you are looking for a luxurious trip. This type of crewed, all-inclusive charter will provide full meals and offer privacy for you and your loved ones to enjoy the sparkling Mediterranean by yacht.

If you are looking to go on a yachting tour that includes swimming, high-end meals, and some of the most vibrant sunsets and views, hire a private gulet charter Turkey with Farout!

How To Proceed

Step 1

Choose what type of gulet you would like to hire. Choose between standard gulet, a standard gulet with air-conditioning, luxury or even deluxe gulet.

Step 2

Choose a blue cruise route listed on the itineraries tab that may interest your group. Remember all itineraries can be customised to make this a holiday of a lifetime.

Step 3

Choose a meal package. Whether you would like to self cater and shop yourselves or the easier option of letting Farout provide the food for you. We offer standard, luxury and deluxe menu options and will also cater to all dietary requirements.

Step 4

Email us with all your information. If you are having a hard time to make up your mind, please feel free to get in touch and we can recommend a gulet and itinerary for you.