Marmaris Blue Cruises Turkey

Marmaris is a starting and ending point for many of the southern coastline sail Turkey gulet cruises. Marmaris boasts the largest harbor in all of Turkey and is a trendy summer holiday spot. The stunning coastline attracts thousands year in and year out. Marmaris also boasts many bazaars to enjoy a spot of shopping, an old town with ancient castle ruins, and the harbourfront is lined with cafes and bars for you to sit and enjoy watching the many boats on their blue voyage, come and go. Marmaris also boasts lively nightlife, so if you want a night out, this could be just your spot. Sailing a yacht charter to the marina in Marmaris could be the grandest entry, so why not arrive in style?

Marmaris is another coastal town along the southern edge of Turkey. A popular location for Turkish gulet cruises, it also boasts the largest harbor in Turkey for these beautiful Turkish gulets. Enjoy a wander through the port to see all styles of the gulet, from your standard gulet to your more luxurious yachts found throughout the harbor. There are excellent shopping areas and many places to eat and drink on offer. Don’t miss out! There are lots of exciting things to do in Marmaris. So be sure not to miss out on these top things while you visit there.

1) Not too far out of Marmaris is Dalyan. You can visit here on a full day trip tour where you will visit Turtle Beach, go on a boat trip through the lake area, and also cover yourself in the natural and thermal mud at the hot springs. A full day of fun and adventure but at a nice slow holiday pace.
2) Marmaris Marina. As earlier stated, this is the largest marina in all of Turkey. Wander along the shorefront and sit at one of the many cafes or restaurants for a drink or dinner. Or you may like to wander down all the jetties that make up the marina and marvel at all the beautiful Turkish gulets and yachts for your next yacht charter vacation. 3) Boat Tours. There are many little day trips out of Dalyan. So why not jump on a traditional Turkish wooden gulet and spend a day visiting some of the beautiful swimming spots only accessed by the waterways? Lunch is served on board, and you can also buy snacks. Many gulets are also available to hire for private gulet cruising; Marmaris Harbor is very popular for Luxury Gulet Cruising and hosts various luxurious Yachts, as well as standard gulets.
4)Rhodes. If you want to visit another country while on your gulet holiday Marmaris, why not pop over to the nearby Greek Island of Rhodes? Be sure to pack your EUROS and enjoy the day wandering the medieval streets and shopping at all the local markets.

Best places to eat! Take your pick in Marmaris, and you usually cannot go wrong. There are many places to eat around town; most will serve tasty treats to meet everyone’s taste buds.

1) Reds Steak and Cocktails is the number 1 pick on Trip Advisor and for a good reason. The food served is delicious, and although their menu may cater away from traditional Turkish food, there are still so many good choices, with a few Turkish ones if you want those—friendly and welcoming service.

2) For meals, quality all day, from breakfast to dinner, then head to Samdan Restaurant. They have everything you can imagine on the menu, and if you can't decide, the friendly staff will be happy to help you out and make an excellent recommendation.

3) Although the Greasy Spoon Restaurant serves up predominantly English-style grub, if you are sick of the Turkish fare, do head here for a good hearty meal that gives you the impression of home cooking at its best.

4) Pop-In is a great local favorite. The friendly staff makes you want to go back for more. Go here hungry, as the servings are enormous.

Best places to drink! Marmaris has a huge nightlife scene and is one of the hot spots on the coastline in Turkey for a night out. There are quite a few places to pick from, and if it’s a night off you want, then head for Bar Street. The nightclubs here are always offering something for your entry. You may get cheaper drinks or free access, so wander down Bar Street to see where you may take your fancy. If it's all too loud for you and you are looking to still enjoy a drink out on the town, then head back to the Marina and take your pick from any café there that will gladly serve you a nice drink to end your evening in.

Gulet Cruises starting from Marmaris.
As Marmaris is the largest harbor in the south of Turkey, you must spend a day wandering through its many moorings to gaze at and admire the craftsmanship of the beautiful Turkish sailing gulets. The harbor will house the most impressive luxury, mid-range, and standard gulets. You can also get the cruises to Fethiye and return if you want to stay a little longer. These gullet cruises are a trendy holiday choice along this coastline of Turkey. Your gulet cruise Marmaris, also known as the blue cruise Marmaris, will be a memory that will stay with you forever.