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Many people assume that to be able to embark on a cruise of the Mediterranean or any cruise you would have to book way in advance, however, in today's current climate and with all of the online services and packages that are now available, it is easier than ever before to book your last-minute holiday. So if you’re someone who has always wanted to go on a cruising holiday and has fortunately found the time to take a holiday, but at the last minute, then a blue cruise is very much still a great option for you.

Don’t worry, we here at Farout can help you with booking a gulet cruise at any time. With over 20 years of experience of gulet cruises along the southern waters of the Turkish Riviera from Bodrum to Olympos as well as many of the Greek and Croatian islands of the Argean Sea, our staff are always on hand and ready to assist you 24/7 no matter how immediate of a booking you may need.

Booking a gulet cruise on our website has never been easier. Simply let us know your dates available, let us know how many people are at your party, and don't forget cruises for one are also available, put down your email and we will get back to you as soon as possible to assist you with setting up your Mediterranean sailing holiday.

Last-minute holidays do not have to be a panic, with organized itineraries and teams that have worked through all sorts of situations over many summer seasons, this will be a breeze. Let us take the stress and worry out of any last-minute deal that you decide to take.

Even though your holiday was booked last minute that does not mean that you get a bad deal we pride ourselves on all our cruises and the range of holidays to choose from is fantastic, whether you have a couple of days free or now find yourself with a couple of weeks to test your sea legs there is a gulet cruising holiday for everyone.

We have yachts that sail to some of the most beautiful and secluded coves such as Gokkaya and Aquarium Bay, From Kas with sunken cities waiting to be explored, and some of the best dive sites of the Med. To the amazing beauty of Butterfly Valley and other gorges that can only be reached by boat. To Oludeniz where the waves crash against one of the most photographed beaches in all of Europe, it is here that thousands of people flock every year to catch the thermals and Paraglide off of the Babadag Mountain, where the views will take your breath away.

Whilst cruising with Farout you will anchor overnight beside islands that are full of ancient artifacts, castles, and monasteries where you can walk back in time and enjoy the peace and calm that the sound of the ocean affords you.

There is always plenty of time on your Gulet charter for swimming, relaxing, snorkeling, fishing, and of course, enjoying each other's company around a table with a cold beer and some great food, we know good food can make a good holiday into a great holiday and our gulets all have chefs that pride themselves in local dishes and some secret recipes that have been handed down from previous generations Turks are foodie people and they love nothing more than sharing their time and food with everyone they meet and onboard as in life here in the beautiful country it's the same. So don't let the fact that your booking last minute stop you from living your dreams.