Blue Cruises Turkey Montenegro Gulet Cruise

If you have always dreamt of taking a cruise but want to go somewhere that is a little off the beaten track then maybe our Montenegro Gulet Cruise is the perfect solution for you.

A cruise is a fantastic way of mixing a holiday where you don’t have to travel because the yacht does it for you with all your belongings in one place and yet every day there is something new to see and experience. For so many and so many years the Mediterranean has been the cruising ground of the rich and famous sailing set however people are starting to look for alternative destinations and with warm long summers and some beautiful unexpected scenery as well as the clear blue waters off of its coast then a Montenegro cruise could be the answer.

Situated across the Aegean Sea from Italy just south of Croatia and north of Turkey little is widely known about this tourism hotspot, but not for long. Like the Turkey Sailing Holidays that have been so popular since the 1960s, Montenegro has so much to offer as many are just starting to find out.

All along the three hundred kilometre coastline, there are charming towns each with a unique tale to tell and a different feel from Ulcinj in the south has one of the oldest settlements of the whole of the Adriatic dating back to the 5th Century BC. Slightly north of Ulcinj is Bar with its grey stone fortified walls to a grand palace turned museum and some incredible sandy beaches. Sutomore is the next town laying further north on the coastal route a town born out of modern tourism and has some of the best beaches in the country. Continuously moving north you will arrive in the town of Petrovac again thriving from tourism due to its 600-metre long sandy beach surrounded by pine-covered hills.

Przno is a town nestled on the rockface jutting out into the ocean with crooked quaint red roof houses perched precariously around the light turquoise waters of the bay a beautiful town not to be missed and as you sail ever onwards north you will come to Bigova with its swanky marina and elegant whitewashed seafront villas an old fishing village that has done very well for itself. Just north of Bigova, the coastline changes into an inlet with some gorgeous towns that you can sail to and enjoy the different flavors of each from Tivat to Kotor and onto Perast, Risan, and Krasici before the final northern town of Herceg Novi.

Montenegro has so much to offer but we know that as well as visiting the country, an important part of your cruise is the time spent on board and in the water, there will be plenty of time to stop for swimming and snorkeling and lots of time for relaxing on deck soaking up the sun and enjoying each others company and let's not forget the food, our cruises come with a chef that will temp your taste buds and make your time dining a delight, each cabin has a private bathroom, but many guests can not resist sleeping above deck under a blanket of stars.

Let us here at Farout introduce you to a trawler charter in Montenegro, a place waiting to be discovered.