Blue Cruises Turkey Gulet Cruise Holidays in Greece

Gulet cruises are incredibly popular and very well known in Turkey since the mid-1960s the gullet tourist industry has gone from strength to strength and today cruises are covering the whole southern coast of the Turkish Riviera and beyond. 

Going perfectly hand in hand are some fantastic new cruise routes that take you from the shores and ports in Turkey to some of the most beautiful and idyllic islands of Greece. Starting either from the busy harbour town in Fethiye or from the metropolitan town of Bodrum these cruises are the perfect getaway, giving you plenty of time to relax enjoy the scenery and indulge in not one but two cultures as you travel from the mainland of Turkey and embark on a sailing adventure where there is something for everyone. 

Your cruise will begin in Turkish waters and head out to some really beautiful Greek destinations such as Rhodes with it new and old medieval quarters in the island's capital of Rhodes town one of the oldest towns in all Europe to be continuously inhabited. 

Cruise on to Symi just an hour across the water from Rhodes this island is just like a postcard there are so many bays each having a different feel to them but one place on Symi not to be missed is the small harbour port of Panormatis, where the bell of the monastery sounds every time a ship comes in or goes out, some great cafes and shopping here.

Sail on to the Black Pearl of the Aegean Santorini, actually made of smaller islands Santorini is known as the most romantic place of all the Greek islands and with whitewashed houses set against the brilliant blue skies and sunsets that will take your breath away, it is easy to see why. The southeastern island of Kos is also not to be missed, Hippocrates the father of medicine was born here and with its rich vegetation and white sandy beaches, you will be glad you came. 

Some lesser-known islands that are so beautiful and not so overcrowded are Nisyros and Gyali islands these are both smaller than many other well known Dodecanese islands but they have also retained much of their old-world charm. 

We could list all the names that make up the Greek islands and tell you of the amazing history and cultures but the beauty of a Turkish Gulet Holiday to Greece is that you get the amazing opportunity to be in a new location every day tasting the local food and soaking up the warm summer sun and learning all the differences and similarities for yourself, and whilst onboard your cruise there is always time to stop for swimming snorkelling and enjoying the clear warmth of the Mediterranean sea. Our yacht charter Turkey to the Greek islands is an amazing holiday and a mix of two countries perfectly blended together. 

Life on board is also one of the many aspects that make a cruise fascinating, the chance to meet new friends and experience new places together sitting in the evening under stars whilst enjoying the delicious meals there are lovingly prepared for you fresh each day by our onboard chef…. Turks take food very seriously and they are more than happy to share an old family recipe and introduce you to some of the best cuisines that different regions of turkey offer. You could always use one of the available fishing rods and catch yourself an incredibly fresh dinner which our chef will be more than happy to cook for you.