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Gulet holidays have become more popular than ever before. The reason behind that apart from the obvious attraction that the sea has had on us humans since time began and the fact that every day is a new adventure in a new and stunning location, all of those things and there is also the chance of meeting new like-minded people.

Traditionally gulets were first used as fishing and diving vessels but as tourism has exploded, gulets have come into their own and are the perfect boats to spend your days sailing the calming seas of the Mediterranean and beyond.

With over 20 years of experience, Farout quickly came to realize that although many of our cruises start and end in Turkey that the beauty just beyond was too stunning to ignore, and although a relatively new travel destination for many Croatia was not to be missed out on and that our previous customers who had already enjoyed the opportunity to Sail Turkey were also asking to cruise with us further afield.

Croatia’s geographic location makes it an ideal getaway spot for any cruise the season is long and warm, beginning in May and continuing right through the end of October, located across the narrow Adriatic waters from Italy, the whole region is dotted with hundreds of islands each one with its own culture and history, there are so many islands of all sizes covering this part of the Aegean sea that they have been lovingly named the Dalmatian islands.

The wonderful destinations of Croatia may be best known as of late mainly because they are the breathtaking backdrop to the world-famous drama series ‘Game Of Thrones’ the rugged beauty surrounds you from the city of Dubrovnik surrounded by high and impressive ancient stone walls a fort at the water's edge, protecting the city since the 16th century, to the island of Hvar covered with lavender fields the main city enclosed in a fortified 13th-century fortress and standing in the center of the city square a beautiful mighty cathedral.

Sailing onwards you will find yourself south of Hvar at the undeniably beautiful island of Korcula also known as little Dubrovnik the island is a mix of highly dense forest to the medieval harbour towns full of homes and palaces of days gone by. You will also see the strange cone-shaped burial mounds of the Illyrian tribes that have rested here since the 10th century.

Whilst in Croatia on your sailing yacht charter, you must cruise to Split it’s the second-largest city after Dubrovnik and amazing in its own right a sprawling city that is perched on the Adriatic edge where you can watch life go by at one of the many cafes, the city also has many beaches making this a city where you can get the most out of your time there.

The gullet cruise will also stop at the island of Mljet surrounded by some of the lightest shade of turquoise waters, the island has many small secluded bays providing the perfect place to dive in.

The port town of Makarska is another location that you do not want to miss surrounded by mountains and scattered with some of the most delightful beaches of the region, here the ferries come in and out from the many nearby islands.

If you have never thought about visiting Croatia before, we highly recommend that you put this little-known tourist hotspot on your list of places to see, and one of the best ways to see it all is a gullet holiday where every day you will sail to a new and amazing location full of history warm Adriatic waters and a scenic backdrop that you see in the movies.