Antalya is the main tourist resort in Turkey. It sits on the Southern Coast, often referred to as the Turquoise Coast and boasts a climate that attracts visitors all year round. The city has in excess of 1 million people and spreads along the coastline either side of the original settlement, known as Kaleici, which dates back before the time of the Romans.

The magnificent Taurus Mountains sit directly behind Antalya, particularly its western portion, and the small natural harbour meant that there was always going to be strategic value in a settlement here. Today’s modern commercial port is at the west end of the City.

It was the arrival of the Romans who had defeated the Attalid dynasty of Pergamon that saw the original settlement develop. Hadrian’s Gate, the entrance to Kaleici, Antalya Old Town, even today is one of the most significant landmarks in the City. The lively centre of the city with modern shops, restaurants and cafes is close by.

The Ottomans took the City from the Byzantine Empire in 1391, half a century before they took Constantinople, now Istanbul. The Italians briefly held the city after World War I until the formation of the Turkish Republic in 1923.

In excess of 12 million visitors arrive each year, mostly through Antalya Airport, and there are plenty of hotels along the length of the coastline to meet any accommodation needs. Konyaalti to the west of the Old Town and Lara to the east are contrasting coastlines, Konyaalti a long beach with sand and pebbles, Lara largely a cliff coast though with beaches available at many of the quality hotels that have been built for miles going east.

Antalya is a modern 21st Century City with all the amenities you would expect in such a place. The roads and underpasses help the flow of traffic even during rush hour periods and the relative proximity of the airport makes Antalya the perfect choice for a holiday.

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