Demre Blue Cruises Turkey

Although there are no official sail Turkey blue cruises starting and ending in Demre, Demre is the actual embarking and disembarking point for the popular Fethiye to Olympos blue gulet cruises Turkey. Please see the Olympos to Fethiye blue cruise page for more information and options of yacht rental in these magical turquoise waters. This could be the start of an amazing gulet holiday Demre, and the starting place of your blue cruise Demre adventure is one you will never forget.

Demre is officially the starting and endpoint for the blue voyage/blue cruises. The harbour is always full of standard style and luxury gulets for you to admire. Although many people will pass by Demre for the sake of their blue cruise, there are also some things that can tempt you to stay a day for a look around. Don’t miss! 

1)The ruins of Myra are found in Demre and although smaller in size and only taking up an hour or so of your time, they are some of the best-preserved ruins in all of the south of Turkey. You can walk up close to the ornately carved temples found in the rock faces and wander through the well-preserved amphitheatre. Found in the heart of Demre, they are within walking distance from the bus station. 

2)Demre is the home to St Nicholas. In the centre of town, you will find the remains of St Nicholas Church. Said to be where his remains were once buried before the Italians took them off to Italy it is the main drawing card for many pilgrimage buses coming through throughout the whole year. 

3)Beaches. There are two main beaches in Demre and although they are now being taken over by large hotel resorts there is still plenty of coastlines to share. If you don’t have the cash to spoil yourself at the local resorts that are right on the beach, then there are other accommodation options found throughout Demre.

Best places to eat! Demre is a real taste of village life. So you will not find your main street full of tourist shops and a thousand different options for places to eat. There are some local restaurants that you can find all not too far from the bus station to still be able to grab a decent bite to eat. 

1)Found right on the corner opposite the main car park for the buses coming into visit St Nicholas Church is Kisemet Restaurant. This is the place to go for just about anything Turkish. They serve up great pides and also delicious fresh shish kebabs as well as many more. Go here if you are hungry. 

2)In the street opposite Kisemet heading down past NUR pastanise, you will find the Kangaroo Café. Great place for hamburgers, chips and a good old fill the belly kind of meal. 

3)If you are after something small but tasty then seek out Necate. It’s a small hole in the wall soup shop that has several soups to choose from and all of them homemade and delicious. 

Gulet Cruises starting from Demre 

Demre is a small village with a very busy harbour. Not only can you jump on a Turkish gulet from here to visit the amazing sites nearby in a day trip, but it is also the harbour for you to embark or disembark on the infamous Turkish Blue Cruises. Demre is definitely an important spot for Turkish gulet holidays. People are normally transferred in and out of Olympos meaning the gulet cruise, Demre harbour is where you join these popular Fethiye Blue Cruises. You can visit our gulet boat Turkey page for more information and gulet options.