Blue Cruises Turkey Gulet Family Holidays

If you spend your time dreaming of a holiday where there is something for every member of the family to enjoy, where every day you wake up in a new location, a week or two weeks where someone else takes the reigns, does the washing up and cooking and activities that will make the kids fall asleep exhausted but happy, then maybe a family cruise is the perfect solution for your tribe.

Convenience is a big factor when it comes to choosing any a gulet cruise, more so than many families have maybe considered, as I mentioned above someone else doing many of life's day-to-day menial chores frees you up to spend much more quality family time together doing activities that the whole family can do together, from spending time relaxing on deck, reading a book to swimming, snorkeling and exploring islands and coves together. When booking your family cruise it’s a good idea to have a look at all the details that we have provided for you on the web sites especially if this is your first time cruising, there is information on the size of the boat, how many cabins and bathrooms and what entertainment equipment is on board another idea that we have learned from in the past is to choose your route and itinerary according to your family needs, if you have teenage girls who love to shop or boys that are adrenalin junkies and want to try diving or paragliding, or whether your kids want to scramble over enchanted islands to discover ancient castles, knowing exactly what's available adds another dimension to the whole family having a great time.

Another important factor is that the scenery whilst cruising is ever-changing making every day a new adventure filled with different things to see and do, and as we all know swimming is a major part of any cruise, as the waters in this part of the Mediterranean are so warm it's no wonder you can't keep the kids out, and why should you, they are full of energy and it’s a great way to get rid of some of it. After a full day of swimming clambering on the rocks, and diving in off of the side of the boat, kids sleep like never before occasionally leaving the adults to enjoy a romantic evening.

Many families can be put off going on a cruise as there is a misconception that it will be far too expensive but in today's ever-changing cruising market most families are pleasantly surprised there are many packages that will not only fit in with your family dynamics and holiday time frame but will also work with your budget.

We also like to assure all our guests that when it comes to food and meals our onboard chefs are fantastic the food is varied and whenever possible sourced locally, Turks pride themselves on traditional dishes that will give an amazing and authentic taste of turkey but at the same time they will whip up a simple dish if that’s what you would prefer, making life on your classic yacht charter a happy and fun experience of a lifetime.