Private Yacht Charter Menus

Here at Farout Cruises, we have a range of menus that will complement everyone's cruise.

Whether you are swimming, relaxing on the deck, or visiting historical sites on land, you are sure to work up an appetite, and every day, you will enjoy freshly cooked delicious meals in a different breathtaking location.

You have the option to customize your selected menu. Also, we can provide you with a beverage list. We procure your chosen beverages before your arrival. Your personalized selections will be ready for you when you check-in. As you journey, you can quickly replenish your supplies at your convenience.

We are aware of the importance of dietary preferences and restrictions. Before your cruise, we give you a comprehensive dietary list to accommodate any special requirements such as vegetarian, gluten-free, or allergies.

Rest assured that our onboard chef will skillfully tailor each dish to meet your needs.

We hope to meet you on a sea journey where every detail is tailored to ensure your satisfaction. Bon appétit!


Our Standard Menu is a fresh healthy option full of local dishes of Meat, Fish Vegetables, and Salads for you to enjoy, please view the Classic private charter menu.

 Adult: 245 € per person , per week ( 35 € p.p / per day )
 Children: Age 0-5 free, Age 6 to 12 %50 discounted
 Minimum total price: 1.000 € / week

Our Premium Menu is a new, healthy option full of local dishes of Meat, Fresh Fish, Seafood, Vegetables, 2-3 kinds of Appetizers, Salads, Fruits, and Desserts for you to enjoy. please view the Premium private charter menu.
 Adults: 315 € per person , per week ( 45 € p.p / per day )
 Children: Ages 0-5 free, Ages 6 to 10 %50 discounted
 Minimum total price: 1.500 € /per week

Our Luxury Menu enables you to have a full Mediterranean cuisine experience during your entire cruise. It contains a more comprehensive selection of seafood dishes, meat, traditional Turkish vegetable dishes, 3-4 kinds of appetizers, and fresh salads. please view the Luxury private charter menu.

 Adult: 385 € per person , per week ( 55 € p.p / per day )
 Children: Ages 0-5 free, Ages 6 to 12 %50 discounted
 Minimum total price: 2.000 € /per week

Our Deluxe Menu gives you the option of fine dining and gourmet quality food either under the stars or surrounded by Crystal clear blue waters. Our menu has a wide range of appetizers, the freshest seafood, quality meat dishes, and Turkey’s most famous vegetable dishes and salads. please view the see the Deluxe private charter menu.

 Adult: 490 € per person , per week ( 70 € p.p / per day )
 Children: Ages 0-5 free, Ages 6 to 12 %50 discounted
 Minimum total price: 2.500 € /per week
Our Deluxe menu is only available on selected Luxury and Luxury plus class Gulets. Please do not hesitate to check with us.