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With the amount of choice available, it can be difficult to choose your destination, but with a Greek island gulet cruise, you can have them all. That’s the beauty of Turkish Gulet Cruises and the reason more and more people are choosing a yachting holiday, to wake up with the warm summer sun of the Mediterranean and find yourself sailing to a new location every day, whether you only have a few days or a couple of weeks you can see as much or as little of the Greek islands as you choose. If you want to visit the Greek islands and want to create an itinerary of your own then a private yacht charter may be what you are looking for. 

Two of our most popular Greek island cruises sail from Bodrum harbour the first, cruising the north islands. After meeting your captain and crew its time to sit back, relax and let us take the reigns as we sail to the island of Kos a beautiful island steeped in tradition and ancient history it’s the birthplace of Hippocrates, father of modern medicine and there is a plane tree that many come to see as it is widely believed to be the tree the Hippocrates himself stood under and taught his students. Kos is a relatively small island that survives off of tourism yet still does not feel very touristy and at 40 kilometres long and 8 kilometres wide and a coastline of some great white sandy beaches it has hung on to its simplistic charm.

Leros is further north and much smaller but has much to see apart from the usual great food and beaches, it has a wonderful medieval castle built by the knights of saint john and one of the best museums of Greece housed in one of the original tunnels dig in the second world war. There is also a great legend attached to the island, that of a young 18-year-old knight in the 16th century who after a mighty battle where all the men of the island were killed he dressed all the women and children in the dead men's armour convincing the opposition that the islands army were still strong. 

Patmos island is another beautiful location surrounded by the lightest clearest crystal blue waters and is where the book of revelation is believed to have been written. Lipsi island with its charming typically Greek whitewashed houses has an abundance of little churches and monasteries dotted all over the island with some wonderful stain-glassed windows, all dedicated to a different saint. 

The island of Kalymnos is known by all the others as being the wealthiest and was once connected to the small neighbouring island of Telendos until an earthquake in 554 AD separated them. A beautiful island with amazing architecture. The north island cruise then returns to Turkish waters to Turgutreis and Aquarium bay before returning to Bodrum, back to where the cruise began. 

The southern island cruise takes you directly from Bodrum to Kos, Gyali and Nisyros and then onto the island of Symi where today tourism is the main industry but traditionally the island survived for thousands of years off of boat building and sponge diving, the island is lovely and has some of the prettiest towns scattered across it from the sea as you arrive the scene that greets you is that of traditional whitewashed houses perched one after the other from high up the mountain slopes till they seem as though they might fall into the sea. The southern town of Panormatis is particularly worth visiting and has the wonderful monastery dedicated to the archangel Micheal. 

It's then onto Rhodes the largest of all the Greek islands that are part of the Dodecanese islands, another stunning location with the usual sandy beaches that stretch out before, and many great tourist resorts some busy and some sleepy, but it is the main city, Rhodes Town the capital is an impending first sight on arrival, surrounded by high stone walls as far as you can see and entering in the cities main gate, you are transported back in time as you wander through a maze of wonderful cobblestoned streets that connect at every twist and turn, this place is full of restaurants and boutique shops selling just about everything, you can't help but feel its vibrant atmosphere. 

On the return journey back to Bodrum you will also take time to relax swim and snorkel in the delightful Turkish bays of Palamutbuku, Cnidus, Datca, Black Island and Poyraz Harbour.