Cennet Island

Cennet Island

Cennet Island

About Cennet Island

Cennet Island is also commonly known as Paradise Island and located in the region Marmaris. The beautiful island is covered in pine forest and it has a pristine coastline for a perfect dip into the sea. There is a rocky outcrop that joins the island to the mainland, which can be reached by car so attracts many visitors alike who enjoy coming to walk among the many trekking paths scattered across the whole island. It's not too far from Marmaris and well worthy of a quick stop.

Things to do in Cennet Island

The name Cennet Island translates into Paradise Island and after seeing the translucent beauty of the island the name will not seem farfetched at all. Although it is thought of as an island, it is actually a peninsula (called Nimara Peninsula) and can be reached by car. It is covered in fascinating pine forests all around. It is a very popular boat trip destination for holidaymakers and most boat tours make a stop at the island in travelling in this region. If you have come by land, you can also take an 8-kilometre car ride to Yalanci Bogaz and from there walk onwards to the beach to take a charming trek on the Island. Yalanci Bogaz, also known as fake straight due to a captain’s mistake where he thought he could moor here during a storm but actually ran aground. This is a rocky area that connects Paradise Island to the mainland. The landscape of the island will offer much to appreciate and provide some fantastic opportunities for photos.

The island has some thrilling caves. One of them is the blue cave which has phosphorescent blue light coming out of its walls reflecting the water. The legend has it that if you throw a coin into the water in the cave, your wish will come true. You can also visit the other caves in the surrounding area which has some fascinating stalactites and stalagmites on their rocky surfaces.

Cennet Island is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the other surrounding tourist destinations. Those who come to the island love to spend a relaxed day of just swimming and sunbathing. There is a wide range of cafes and restaurants on the island. Most of them are located by the seafront or harbour. You can always fill up your food basket and arrange a peaceful picnic in the midst of the pine trees. There is also a working shipyard on the island and sight of men building yachts and repairing gulets can be quite sensational.

Travelling further along the coast? Be sure to pay a visit to sites including Dalyan, Ekincik, or Icmeler – some other beautiful towns in the area.