Karacasogut Village

Karacasogut Village

Karacasogut Village

About Karacasogut Village

Karacasogut Village is just 25kms from Marmaris, 143km to Bodrum and 120kms from Dalaman airport. Although this town was mostly destroyed after the fires in 1996, it still remains a popular spot for those wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of Marmaris. It is also one of the most frequented destinations on the blue cruise tours in the area.

What do to in Karacasogut Village

There is plenty for nature lovers to do in this quaint little village. First on your list should be the Karacasogut Waterfalls. Just 3kms away from the town centre on the way to Okluk Bay, this waterfall is 25 meters in height and drops off into a beautiful natural spring for swimming.

As mentioned earlier, the blue cruise tours are very popular in this area. Those often just wanting to visit Karacasogut Village for a day, do so during their blue cruise itinerary. One of the best itineraries in this region includes the Bodrum to Gokova one-week blue cruise.

Heading back inland, there is a spectacular cave in Karacasogut Village, called Karacain. The cave has two separate parts which are named Somalıkaya Katavothre and Suçıktı cave. The largest part is 421 meters in length and 15.5 meters in-depth and also houses two lakes in it. Those wanting to visit the caves should hire a guide if they are amateur cave explorers.

How to get to Karacasogut Village 
There are a couple of ways to get to this little village on the turquoise coast. For those travelling by land, overnight buses from all major cities in Turkey go to Marmaris. From Marmaris, you can then catch a local dolmus (minibus) to Karacasogut.

If you are travelling by air into the region the best airport to fly into is Dalaman. From Dalaman, there are either shuttle services into Marmaris or you can book a private transfer from the airport all the way into the village.

Regular boat cruises come through this area as well and probably the most popular way to see the town. Other areas these boat tours visit include Orak Island and Seven Islands.