Orak Island

Orak Island

Orak Island

About Orak Island

Orak Island is found in the Gulf of Gokova and only a very short distance from Bodrum. It is a very well known diving spot in the area and you will find most day boats, as well as any gulet cruise, will always anchor down here for a swim. The island’s surrounds are described as like swimming in an aquarium, it is that beautiful.

Things to do in Orak Island

Orak Island on the coastline of Gulf of Gokova has some magnificent attractions and is among the most popular diving destinations in the whole of Turkey. The sloping hills of the island are covered with olive trees and produce some pleasant scenery for hiking and trekking. The east and the west ports of the island are the most suitable anchoring locations depending on which way the wind is blowing. The water here is crystal clear and very clean which makes it a perfect spot to do some swimming and snorkelling. There are some top quality hotels and restaurants in the sheltered bays of the surrounding area to make your stay seamlessly enjoyable.

The best way to see this island is on a one week Bodrum to Gokova gulet cruise. These cruises depart every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from Bodrum harbour and customers also have the choice of travelling on a standard gulet or gulet with air conditioning.

But most importantly the island is a heaven for the light and deep-sea divers. What makes diving here so special is the vertical reef wall on the sea bed that goes down nearly 80 meters, producing some extraordinary underwater scenery. The incredibly beautiful underwater topography makes it among the most memorable diving experience to be found in turkey. If you dive at the point facing the Gulf of Gokova you will find a cave at 32-34 meter level depth that is covered with sparkling purple sponges. Although there is not a high probability of seeing many fish you may still find lobster, sea bass and 5-meter long thornback rays. Although Bodrum has some other fascinating diving spots, the Akyarlar Point and Orak Island were the only places where diving was allowed until 2001. The calm current and cool water are very appreciable making it the perfect spot for diving.

Following your time in Orak Island, there are also some other beautiful hidden spots along this coastline worth visiting. These include Seven Islands and Karacasogut Village.