Fethiye - Gocek - Fethiye

Fethiye - Gocek - Fethiye Itinerary

Day 1

Kizil Island

Fethiye is a district of Mugla Province and a well-loved international holiday destination. The port city has many wonderful places to explore and sights to admire. The tour will depart from Fethiye at 4:00 p.m. Tour members will have the opportunity to discover many popular attractions and cultural hotspots such as affluent shopping centers and popular historic sites. The route will also include energizing swimming spots and pleasing beaches that are located within the area. We will then sail to Kizil Island which attracts many guests due to its unique and vibrant sunsets. The island gained its name after the sea water turned red during a golden sunset. There is a lighthouse that can be seen, situated on the southern point of the island along with many recreational facilities to enjoy.

Day 2

Aga Limani Bay, Kocabuk

We will start our day by exploring the twin bays of Aga Limani Bay. The waters are pristine and cooler than most of the destinations visited so far. This is due to an underwater spring that feeds fresh water to the bay, and it is also a well-known destination for turtle spotting. Tour members can also complete hiking treks from the water's edge to extensive Roman and Byzantine-era ruins. Our day will conclude at Kocabuk Bay where tour members can enjoy a relaxing evening in a sheltered, peaceful, and scenic anchorage.

Day 3

Merdivenli Bay, Binlik Bay

Today our tour will lead us to Merdivenli Bay, where tour members can enjoy a lovely scenic spot, and a refreshing morning swim, surrounded by large cliffs on either side. The next stop for today will be Binlik Bay, which is one of the most beautiful bays within Gocek. Tour members can relax, admire the vertical hills that are covered with thriving pine trees, and of course, take a refreshing dip in the calm and pristine Aegean waters.

Day 4

Siralibuk, Cleopatra's Bath

One of the most beautiful bays within the area is Siralibuk Bay. It is a spectacular bay where freshwater and saltwater collide. The area is very popular with Blue Cruise boat tours during the summer months due to its magnificent beauty. We will then visit Cleopatra Baths where historical ruins lie beside the sunken baths. According to legends, the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra visited the Mediterranean shores and her closest friends decided to give her this bath as a gift. There is a hot water source in this bay, which is said to be good for skin disease.

Day 5

Bedri Rahmi Bay, Yassica Islands

Bedri Rahmi Bay portrays natural beauty and an important historical significance. Tour members can admire the area's lush pine tree scenery and partake in a revitalizing swim in the crystal clear waters. The bay gained its name after a famous painter Bedri Rahmi, visited the bay in 1974. He carved a picture on a large rock in the shape of a fish, however, his piece of art is also a puzzle and there are six hidden animals to uncover.  The Yassica Islands will be our final destination for today. The five beautiful islands lie within the Fethiye Gulf. There are ruins to explore and it is an ideal location for our more adventurous water sports enthusiasts. Guests can enjoy a pleasant swim between the islands with the closest two being approximately 12 meters apart. This beautiful oasis is completely uninhabited with no buildings. One of the islands is named Devil’s Island and it is believed that the devil chose this island as his home when he was denied entry to paradise.

Day 6


Gocek is a small town and natural harbor on the edge of the turquoise coast. It overlooks many islands and bays and is a well-loved sailing area during the summer months. It is home to beautiful scenery, along with many cultural and entertainment venues. We will then visit Boynuzbuku which is a very popular area for guests to stop and relax before visiting Fethiye’s port city. The sea is clear due to a natural breakwater, and the area is covered with fragrant pine trees. There is a walking area for tour members to explore and there is also a restaurant to enjoy.

Day 7

Tersane Island, Samanlik Bay

Tersane Island is the largest within the Gulf of Fethiye, our first stop will be enjoying the beautiful triangular-shaped island and its three magnificent bays. The area is believed to have been used as a shipbuilding and repair harbor, which provides an excellent opportunity for snorkeling and exploring beneath the clear turquoise waters. The island also has some ancient ruins of a settlement called Telandria, which can be explored on foot.  We will then visit the picturesque Samanlik Bay, 3 kilometers outside of Fethiye. This beautiful bay is the perfect area to relax, swim, snorkel, and admire the scenery. Our journey will then lead back to Fethiye where tour members can enjoy a midsummer eve's stroll around the port city or indulge in the vibrant nightlife venues.

Day 8


 On the final day of the tour, we will depart from Fethiye at 9:00 a.m. The tour will guide us through the port city, which is a well-known tourist destination and is very popular during the hot summer months. Tour members can explore many areas such as the Old Town and sites such as Rock Tombs and Butterfly Valley. The beautiful natural beaches of Help Beach and Fethiye Beach can also be enjoyed along with many cafes, restaurants, and markets where souvenirs and culinary delights can be purchased.