Kas - Kemer - Kas

Kas - Kemer - Kas Itinerary

Day 1

Inonu to Yaglica to Karalos

This is the start of your gulet cabin charter. After meeting your captain and crew check-in will be at 10:00 am our first stop will be Inonu Bay, here you can swim at the secret beach. After swimming and relaxing in the sun, we will have lunch. We then sail to Yaglica Bay. Here you can have a refreshing swimming experience as there is a Canyon where the icy freshwater flows directly into the sea. Tea and cakes will be served then we sail to Karalos Bay where we will stay overnight.

Day 2

Ceneviz to Phaselis to Kemer

This morning's early start will see us cruising to Phaselis. We will pass through Porto Ceneviz Bay where the sheer cliffs are a stunning backdrop for the beach. We will have breakfast here. Phaselis is an interesting place for historians, you can take a short tour to see the ruins of aqueducts, baths, theatre and the acropolis. After leaving Phaselis we moor at Kemer for the night.

Day 3

Kemer to Olympos to Adrasan

Sailing away in the morning we will stop for a break at Kemer Ayisigı (Moonlight Bay). Here we will enjoy a short swimming break, before moving on to Olympos – famed for its stunning pine-covered cliffs, beautiful beach, wooden houses and history everywhere you look. Later we will cruise to Adrasan Beach where we dock for the night.

Day 4

Myra to Pirate Cave to Gokkaya

Heading out from Adrasan Beach in the morning, stopping off at Myra (Demre)where we will have breakfast. After, you may visit the Church of St Nicolas (Santa Claus church) and the ancient city of Myra with its complex rock tombs. Leaving Myra, we will visit Pirate Cave. Well known for its phosphorescent lights, this is a fantastic spot for snorkelling and swimming. Later we will sail to Gokkaya Bayour next overnight point. The sheltered bay of Gokkaya is the largest of the bays in the region and is calm and sheltered.

Overnight in Gokkaya

Day 5

Batiksehir to Simena to Ucagiz to Kocakadin.

After breakfast, we will start our Sunken city tour. This city sunk is a result of a large earthquake, there are many ancient structures belonging to Lycian and Roman periods which can be seen from the boat. Due to it’s protected status you are not allowed to swim in this area. We will then cross the bay and take a break for an hour in Simena castle. Here you can visit the Fortress walls built by the Knights of Rhodes there are stunning views from the top of the hill. After sailing through the fishing village of Ucagiz Bay and onto Kocakadin bay.

We dock in Kocakadin Bay for the night.

Day 6

Tersane to Eleksi Island to Ufakdere

After breakfast, we set sail for Tersane Island. This bay was used as dockyard by Lycians and is visited by many tourists. After a swimming break, our next location will be Eleksi Island where the clean waters are perfect for snorkelling and fishing if you would like. We then sail for Ufakdere Bay where we spend the night.

Day 7

Islands of Kas, Guvercin Bay, Liman Agzi Bay

After leaving Ufakdere Bay we visit some of the islands close to Kas and the Island of Meis. After a delicious lunch, we stop off at Guvercin Island. Here you will find a small sea museum where a monument of a shark lies under the sea. During our break to can visit the shark monument or just relax.

Optional Activity: Diving
We recommend pre-booking this optional activity as the waters here are warm and clear. a perfect spot to dive. Pre-book online before your cruise to receive special discounted rates and also to guarantee your dive.

We then head to Liman Agzi Bay opposite Kas for our final overnight stop.

Day 8


After breakfast, we return to Kas where we bid you farewell and check out at 9:00 am. 

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