Olympos Top attractions


It is history that brings tourists to Olympos. With easier access many more visitors are coming, including families.

Lycian and Roman Ruins 
This is not on the scale of Ephesus but nevertheless the ruins are worth seeing. Much of the site is fairly overgrown because of the relative lack of visitors even though the numbers have increased.

There is Olympos hiking involved so ensure you have plenty of water and a hat during the many hot weeks of summer.

One of the many remains is an impressive sarcophagus.

The Chimera above Cirali is an impressive natural phenomenon; flames ‘emerge’ from the rocky slope with no apparent fuel to sustain them; it is methane gas. The images are most spectacular after dark when a bus will take you close but there is still some walking to do. The flames inspired a Greek myth. It is thought that the flames have burnt for thousands of years.

This small village is a couple of miles away and quieter precisely because there is no surfaced road.

Getting to Olympos from Antalya is easy. Olympos is also end port for Fethiye Blue Cruise.