Olympos Weather


Weather in Olympos in January and February
Olympos is generally quiet in the winter though the locals can still expect an average of around 7 hours of sunshine daily in January and February. The average temperature is 12/13C with highs of 15 and lows of 8C. Rainfall is likely to be on around 10 days a month and sea temperatures are probably 17C.

Weather in Olympos in March, April and May
Average temperatures rise from 13C at the beginning of this period to 20C by mid-May. Rain during any of these 3 months becomes increasingly infrequent, rarely as many as 6 days and certainly less by May. Sea temperatures begin to rise as the months progress. The top temperature in March will be around 17C and an impressive 26C in May when the average has gone past 20C. Olympos cruise otions also start in April, run up until end of october.

Weather in Olympos in June, July and August
Rainfall is virtually eliminated during these summer months. It is welcome when it does come but it is likely that the skies will be completely cloudless with average temperatures in the upper 20Cs. Highs should always be in excess of 30C, often several degrees more and the sea will be extremely pleasant at 24/5C. Night time is still shorts weather as you watch the best sun sets in Olympos.

Weather in Olympos in September and October
Temperatures begin to fall slightly in September and highs in October will be about 25C: an average still above 20C. Rainfall is still rare though by October those chances increase. There should still be up to 9 hours of sunshine daily. The sea temperature will still be over 20C and certainly water sports are still popular.

Weather in Olympos in November and December
Winter arrives slowly through the early weeks of November with highs of 19C and 8 hours of sunshine on average. December is the month of most rainfall but it is only just into double figures. The sea temperature drops through these weeks to 18C. Highs in December will be 16C, lows about 9C.